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I keep my inventory organized in that my newly aquired items are at the bottom.
Makes them easy to find (though I still have to search for Rosamund's Revenge every time I go to equip it. That damn rose keeps playing hide-and-seek with me.)

I don't have many DC items simply because I clear my invo of such items every now and then.
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I do with my Gaia inventory what I do in real life; throw stuff wherever and remember where I put it.
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i color code EVERYTHING and it starts with the rainbow items, then white and ends with black.
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Mine is sorted by type and then further sorted by color. I start with the color pink and end with purple. (Black and white items are thrown in randomly in front of the purple items. sweatdrop ) That way, purple can just run into pink. I also try to keep all my food items together since they look so cute lined up. whee

Haha. At one point, I had over 70 pairs of amigo pants. I ended up using them for alchemy so they weren't useless. xd
My inventory is all sorted by colour and what kind of item it is within the colours. However, that was 3 years ago, anything I get from now on will just be cluttering it up xD
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Gosh, I keep getting eyeballs or those emote heads as of recent. xD I mean it's always free gold and I am cool with that. I'm just waiting for my luck to get better so then someday I'll get something amazing. Anyways, I like to keep my invo in order of from headwear all the way down to the item items. I also arrange each section in increasing size or length or in the sense of going down. Hard to explain, I know. I also group items into sets it they are the same but in different colors. c:
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I try and keep mine clean. After I do my dc I sell it back. I don't keep multiple items unless I need them for more than one use. Aka mistake mask for a achevment my pearls for earrings bracelets neck etc. I can't be all a**l about how it looks I don't own a computer and its impossible to do it on a phone.
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Haha my inventory is such a mess.
it's a giant ******** of random stuff and impulse buys.

Way back in the day, I tried to organize my invo in the colors of the rainbow, red, orange, yellow ect ect.
I have no idea why. D:
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Demonic Hunter

That's ALL? I have way more of those daily chance items.
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Koohii Monsutaa
That's ALL? I have way more of those daily chance items.

Since I have made this thread I no longer get them emo
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Demonic Hunter

Maybe if I post here, i'll stop getting them.
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Demonic Hunter

Also, to respond more to the OP:
I send all the junky items to my mule to be sorted and sold later when i have a ton of them.

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