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I can't distinguish my fondest moments any more. It's all a grainy good mishmash of fondness. I remember actually doing forum roleplaying sometimes, and I wonder why I don't try it again. They tend to die pretty quickly, but it's fairly relaxed.

Oh, but the sound effects of the fishing game. THEY are soggy with nostalgia, I can tell you. Schwoosh! Pu-lashh! Durrrr! . . . YOUR FISH GOT AWAY.

Yes! Out of every thing on this site, that is the one thing that still takes me back to the early days.

I remember fishing at the Reclamation Facility for ridiculous amounts of time, getting really good at catching the Biters for good gold.
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i was thinkihg gaia got hacked but now i know it was not hacked
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Back when the items from pink gift boxes were very sought after~ That, and with 20k, you were friggin' rich back then. 3nodding
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Questing for those gold shop kimonos, which were some of the most expensive items at the time...I miss questing for shop items, those were the simple days.
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I still have my first outfit. It was so nooby and sad but it was 2003 and THAT'S ALL WE HAD. crying But I loved it.

I was so happy to raise enough gold to get one of those gunmetal coats or whatever they're called and I got a PAPER BAG to go with it! O.O Halloween....
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I just realized if you click on the Gaia Online name in the banner, it takes you to go-gaia.com. o.o
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I remember just going from page to page to earn gold because I was too shy to post and forums and too lazy to play games. xD Ahh~ those were the days...
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All dat feels.
Ten years of hard work, yo.
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I actually have my BetterGaia disabled for the event. So much nostalgia. No matter what year you're from, what forum you use, or what flash space you hang out in, every Gaian heart beats the same.
Happy 10th birthday to Gaia Online! emotion_yatta
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Haha, this is how badly I track time in my head: I didn't even realize Gaia was 10 years old this year! I originally joined in 2004, I think, and then wasn't on very much for the first year. My fondest memories come from the RPs I took part in, and one of the good friends I made from that. :3

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