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To Whom It May Concern,

I normally get 20-30 dollars for christmas/birthdays

I hoard it until something I want comes out then buy it.

I don't regret any purchases I've made thus far, thankfully. 4laugh


Lady Xem
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Im inept enough to still login and make a post despite all the glimmer glammer and shimmer of the forums "new" appearance; its no longer the congealed leftovers from a half-baked session of ideas from a bunch of college kids, its matured into a massive bloated and hollow cash sucking cesspit, and quite frankly, it stinks. IT STINKS!!!

I dunno, if you had an idea you cooked up in your bedroom with a few friends, that turned out to offer the potential to set you up financially for life, would you take it?

Even if it meant selling out a little?

We don't get many opportunities in life. I definitely would. As I've grown, I've realised that there's the noble path which, in business, almost always leads to being respected and poor. Don't get me wrong, I lament the loss of something special too, but I also know, with my need for finances now, that if I was in the same position, I'd take it. :/
No doubt I'd take it, but as it turns out, we are on the receiving end. Im happy they sold out; look at all the cool s**t they are doing that we dont know about! Its neat. Whatever floats yer boat, yeah? Im just being edgy to catch some dandruff, you follow me?
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                      I do occasionally for bundles, but I won't open them if they're CIs/RIGs. I just sell them and save up to get what I like that comes out in those.
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I only have four outfit slots since I am saving my gold against buying more, but I have two outfits I change minute details, and have others that I just know what I want to use when I want to RP in towns or something, then I have a casual avi for when I just want to be chill, much like my current one.
User ImageI only regret it when my Gaian friends leave and I have no one to show off to.

Then again, I don't buy much.
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I don't regret anything. That's probably because I set limits to how much money I spend here and I buy the stuff that I will definitely, not just because it looks good or it's popular. It's great to be able to contribute, even just a little, to Gaia.
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I don't spend money on GC. But that's just because I don't have money to spend. But If I did, I'm sure I would not regret a single penny .
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I've spent money on Gaia and I don't have any regrets. I'm supporting a site I love to frequent and get shiny items in return.
I don't spend hundreds of pounds a month on Gaia, it's more like a few pounds here and there so I'm not really doing any harm to myself financially, lol.
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I haven't spent any money on Gaia since I don't really have any means to.

Therefore, regarding expenditure, I can't get no satisfaction.
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I don't spend money on games... I spend it on food and clothing. razz
But on games would be worth it since it'll last, unlike food. Then again most people likes being rich and look great with new items that are always coming out.
Although I don't use cash, but I always want to get the newest items.
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I've had this avatar for like.... 3 months?

It's just so cool I can't deal.

EDIT: I quit spending money here for myself like mid last-year, but then I just remembered I bought my special someone some gifts, so I haven't spent since like mid-December? ... I probably will again, but I've spent the last couple months and probably the next one having somewhat of a time away. I've needed it.
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I spend Cash depending on what the item is. It's not a usual thing, because most of the items put out just aren't to my taste. I like the nitty-gritty post-apocalyptic look or steampunk style. If I ain't gettin' that, the money stays in my pocket. It's a very niche taste, so it's quite rare I'll plunk down IRL cash for an item here.

But when I do, it absolutely has to be something I love, so it's always worth it to me. I used to keep an avatar for weeks, maybe even months at a time. Now I tend to change it up every couple of days. Better variety in items that suit my tastes = more options for me to change things up.
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I don't spend any money on Gaia. I used to change my avi often, but things got more expensive, I started donating more, and then I found some outfits that I was content with :3
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Haha I get this feeling a lot
I'm on $10 autocash with the $2 bonus
I try to do as many video offers as I can
and use my mules for the meager video offers too
mules really help, even with bad months you may still be able to get like a free monthly collectable and it's how I'm collecting all the birthstone items at the current moment via mule harvesting

I don't spend much cash on myself IRL these days save for on avatar sites (and Homesuck but that's another story)
I consider it an even trade considering I'm here every single day up to 5 or more hours

If I find an item I bought isn't being used I'll sell it for gold to get new stuff
but most cash things (outside RIGs I buy with cash) because it's not within my gold budget
I have a minimum gold amount I try to keep above for emergencies
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Oh god, this makes me facepalm so hard. No wait, it makes me want to facewall.

I'm spending a shitload of money in this site. Not going to call numbers.
I dunno, I think I'm not even that obsessed with Gaia anymore, but I STILL spend a lot of money, to build up a giant inventory. Makes me wonder sometimes: Yeah, and what for? I can't wear all of those items together anyway.... But I just have no life atm. Being depressed, frustrated, bored... I want a job and spending more time offline.
The comp is to me, what other people need cigarettes for, I guess.

I really regret spending that much money in this site.
But my brain refuses to learn.

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