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Didn't see a thread about it, so here we go.
What d'you think of the new hairs and eyes? I like the choppy 'do best, myself. :D
Got a favourite? Hate 'em all? Glad you held on to that Agape afterall?
Opinions, GCD. Give me yours. ¦D

so agape can be used with more hairstyles now? biggrin
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so agape can be used with more hairstyles now? biggrin

I don't know if Agape works with any of the new salon styles, but it does work with most long hairs. Always has. 3nodding
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The Woodsman cut is excellent for Thor costumes.
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Nothing in the hair excites me enough to end my baldness but the saucy eyes are pretty cute.
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I'm sure glad we got the GIANT FOREHEADS back

I was missing a good laugh
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Ooohh and there was no announcement about them either...

Well, I couldn't say that I don't like them; I mean, the more the better, right? *u*

Okay, so there was an announcement. I just wasn't paying attention when I clicked it. -.-;;;

It was a very late announcement though! Happened way after the hairs hit the shop. Otherwise I wouldn't o' made a thread about it. ninja
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          The hair is okay, but the eyes interest me more. Especially sweet eyes and most of all, peculiar eyes. I'm having a hard time which color of that style to choose..
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Some are sensible, the others confuse the hell outta me.

All I got to say:

never bothered with the eyes.
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i'm starting to like ponydrill and the inquisitive eyes are still the best gold shop eyes for me.
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Those dreadlocks look really nice.
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    Loved the new hair, it inspired me to change both my hair and eyes. I wish Ponydrill when used with Sainte Ciel wasn't cut so awkwardly though. I like how the new sweet eyes look like Misty's own from Pokemon. 4laugh I ultimately went with inquisitive though to pair with the Prep Rocker hair for my default avi.
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Zzyli - Zzy as in Xylophone, Li as in leaf

I'm tossing up about getting the Wavy Bob instead of my current Polly style. My gold-shop hair does see the light of day from time-to-time, and I kind of like it to be short, because it's easier to look at other items without having to worry about chunks of hair ending up everywhere.

Nothing would really tempt me in the update to change from my inquisitive eyes, though the saucy ones are kind of fun! I'd be tempted to get them, but when I got bored, I'd have to pay another 6k to get my eyes back.

The salon still has that really weird colour palette like someone had their monitor at a funny angle when choosing the colours (I have this problem sometimes when I colour my art on the computer). Luckily, you can't have scarily desaturated white, because it's already white. It seems like there's some nice bits & pieces in here, to suit quite a few different tastes.

Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative...
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-didn't know we had a salon update- Either I didn't get a notice about that announcement, or Gaia failed to even notify us about there being an update.

█████████████ ████████xxx© E x c u s e . M e ! ©xxx████████ █████████████
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I've given up hope of ever seeing long hair in the Salon.
Thanks Gaia.
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I've given up hope of ever seeing long hair in the Salon.
Thanks Gaia.

Yeah, I think the new "Layla" style is as long as it's ever going to get as far as salon hair goes.
Which is pretty darn long, if you ask me, but my definition of long is shoulder-length. XD

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