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i got 7 keys i hope its something good to use them on
I still think it has some kind of connection to "angelwings" or unlocking an "angelwing quest". But thats just purely my speculation.
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So narrowly missed out on 7 keys XD

I'm surprised they didn't soulbind them, they must be something you get through a ton of in alchemy and not be a particularly integral part.
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Salty Rogue

i thought they'd be related to the wings alchemy too :'D

it says it's a key to an epic quest or something in the item desc., and released keys corresponding to the years you've been on gaia is kind of a nice way to make it so that odler users have a bit higher chance? idk xD
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I have 8 keys....

...because I traded 4 over from a mule. rofl

I am hoping that this unlocks something spectacular so they will inflate in price and make some gold. I love alchemy for the pure fact that the crap I have accumulated over four years of Gaia can be turned over for a bigger profit than anyone will ever make from Alchemy.
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It makes sense that there's backwings speculatin with these keys and they way they were given out, I guess. I'm just not all that interested in it. Backwings were never a big deal for me, but I'm kind of glad Gaia's giving most people a fair shot at them, if it's really what the keys are for
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I just trowing this out ther but has any one seen what looks like it has on eather side?... They look like tinny tiny gold wings to me...
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2nd note they are in MP now.
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I hope the seven keys I've received end up being worthwhile & I'm not getting excited for nothing. whee
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Well I don't mind free stuff. But I'm a bit scared knowing it's for Alchemy. Still don't have any good feelings with it.
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when you select the key in your inv, it says "This key is said to unlock a great quest..."
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Well in the MP it is tagged as "component". So there's no much mystery left about its uses.
I'm guessing the amount of keys a person has really isn't that significant... otherwise I doubt they would've allowed them to be sellable on the MP. Someone could easily hoard hundreds of the things.
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Maybe they open a chance/RIG style alchemy item box. I can't do the alchemy thing as I simply don't have enough gold to make any decent items in the first place.

Looks like I'm going to be one of the many who may be left out of this game.

Ah well, eh?
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I dunno. I don't really trust these keys due to the whole alchemy thing..

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