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Very interesting
The Sacred Key doesn't open the chest that pops up. I tried. Only the Lucky Key opens it.
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Hopefully each give gives any item you want from gaia, like a angelic halo or dj headphones.
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feel alittle ripped that I got 6 for joining late in 2004, but maybe six is all I need to make the demon back wings, they're first over angelic for me, always wanted a decent pair of demon wings, the ones we have now are nice, but they just don't cut a good old pair of demon back wings
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Awesome, I got 7 keys. ^_^
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bump (i think people need to see this, and add more info, so i'm bumping xp)
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This is exciting.

Backwings eh? I kinda agree with what Razumi said though. It might be used to unlock some alchemy components.
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    It was a pleasant surprise,
    but I have a feeling it's not going to be for anything so big as angel wings. ^^
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I knew I kept my old accounts for something rofl
I have 56 keys!
I'm worried I'll be disappointed.
I haven't gotten into the alchemy thing because it seems a waste.
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Quotable Lunatic

Hopefully each give gives any item you want from gaia, like a angelic halo or dj headphones.

    Wouldn't that be something? emotion_kirakira
    /wishful thinking
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Swashbuckling Nerd

I know it says alchemy, but anybody else think it might be sneakily bidblast related?
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Shameless Ladykiller

argh. I could have 4 instead of 2 If I didn't switch accounts >.<

but then again It's for alchemy so I doubt I'll use them anyway.
Wowzers. Kinda hard to believe I've been on this site for eight whole years!
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8-Bit Revolution
/Wishes I was on banned account from 07

Ditto! Same year too!orz
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Ohoho, can't wait to see what the keys would open up.
I wonder why they give us keys now, and whether you may per chance be able to obtain more through purchase at a later date...

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