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Sifen Yamishi
Key listing:
Thanks for the listing. I'm surprised at the number of keys that are for sale! User Image
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im guessing something later is supposed to pop up. Like a chest you know? so we'd use the keys to open the chest which gets us maybe something awesome from the years we joined like a monthly collectable or uh... Maybe a new fancy item. I think these key's would have some kinda use cuz like the saying goes. "Theres a key for every lock. We just have to know which one." mrgreen
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There's an upcoming Gaia Scavenger Hunt right? My theory is we'd find some kind of a chest and that sacred key would be the one that will be able to open it.
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Got seven.
hmm ^_^
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I am the seventh son of the seven lords. I bare seven keys to seven seals. I have the power of magic.
They do appear listed in the MP, there's a LOT for sale...
I got four keys. I'm looking forward to finding out more about how we can use them.
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Thanks for the info <3

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just traded them all from my other accounts to this one so i now have 30 would have 38 if ever did remember my password from my first account.
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I got 2 keys. And it does work if you go to your games tab. That was the first thing I tried after seeing a thread about it here.
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Im not going to sell them or use them unless i know the item is worth it or the money is worth it i may use one just to find out what there for but thats it btw this is how many i have send me a trade if you no belive me.
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User ImageI think there has to be a reason why we are given one for every year we've been here, and I'm doubting it's just that Gaia likes older users better. Whatever they are for has to be related somehow to when we joined.
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User Image

It's a shame they're related to Alchemy. I don't wanna get in that thing because, from what I could tell from when it opened, most of the crap you need to make stuff is from RIG's or zOMG.
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I was actually thinking it might have something to do with the scavenger hunt that's been in the "coming soon!" section for the past couple of days.

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