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Little Rachael
Am I the only one who finds him dead ugly in that shot? gonk

You're not the only one. I was thrown off by the change in art style.

Maybe I'll get used to it. ^^;
I gave him 50g. I figured it can't hurt, and I want to see what happens next in the storyline. This is like some sort of weird interactive soap opera or something. Much fun! whee

and mmmm... in that pic, he's almost as smexy as Edmund.
I know... I'll be hyper all day!
I donated 150. biggrin Because I'm nice like that.

I even gave five bucks to a hobo once because it was Christmas. xd I figured, "Hey. Who cares what she's gonna spend it on? I have money that I'm not using, she might as well have it to 'get her hotel room'."

It's the same thing with Gambino, only with the "hotel room" replaced with "mansion," and it's not Christmas. 3nodding
I don't see the posting of the extended bar as a spoiler... more a teaser We al know Gambino would be up to something else. It's not like that bar gives it away... Just adds to the suspence! I donated 1k! Cause I could!
he gets 10K from me ^-^
gambino for ever!

why should we not want G CORP to return its not like it went away...
G CORP is a company made for the better of mankind! and if we gaians are to refuse this then it will be worse for us!

"Making a difference. By whatever means necessary"


G CORP is not something that you or any other gaian can truly understand!
it is an organisation without limits, and it goes beyond your own ability to understand what is larger then you!
I only donated 50 gold so far but im polling at the moment and just chatting and anything I make from it im donating to Gambino- I want his mansion back!! I want everything back- the underground labs the scheming and conniving- EVERYTHING!! blaugh
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i donated 100g to him but due to stupid laggy gold i donated 100g more to him.... poor old man he said his son Gino lost his memory. i hope he get his memory back soon
It would seem the majority of us would rather have the scheming, planning, underground labs, and zombies back in preference to nothing. I suppose it is the spice in life that attracts us, as opposed to the possible consequences.
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No offense to anyone involved heavily with gaia, but I have never seen such an arrogant display as to consider that picture a spoiler which is lessening the dramatic effect of this game.

Gaia is a horrid excuse for a game which will never get out of the alpha stage and certainly never work right. The only thing this place has going is a customizable avatar system, which is pretty awesome, but never works right, and no one even cares enough about it to make it work right. Instead of fixing the avatar system, they'd rather make houses (which don't work), a flash game (which an atari would laugh at) or plot events like these, which are just.... eew.

No, you shouldn't be getting upset because a dramatic twist in the plot of this game was spoiled for you. There's plenty of other things to be upset about.

That's just in my opinion of course.
if you don't like it leave..
I am broke from donating to him crying At first I donated 15K then I donated 10K more THEN 1.5K I hope people from GCS dosen't see this... ninja
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It's being constructed neutral
There's an old saying for this situation. It's better to deal with the devilyou know than the devil you don't!! 3nodding I donated 50 gold.
why should we not want G CORP to returnits not like it went away...
So the missile didn't destroy it? sweatdrop
give to gambino. get rid of the olsen twin rejects!

I think of them as more as a couple of Paris and Nicole rejects. 3nodding

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