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I'm a dog person myself. I'm allergic to cats. >.<

emotion_0A0 My dream RIG pet would be a llama! But then again the price for it might be so high I'd never be able to afford it. xD
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I <3 White cats with blue eyes. As a result, North Kitten Star was like a dream come true for me. I saved and saved until I got her. I thank that Jack Frost RIG, (Forgot the real name), for that, it was the most profitable RIG I had ever played...

None of the others have appealed even half as much to me, though I am an extreme cat lover.

I would have a lot more Cat items if they weren't so expensive...
hasn't it been announced that cats iverrulled gaia and now a cat is a boss? ninja

I'm not really fond of those pricey rig pets :/ will never afford them anyway, so...
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I personally love the little Unicorn the most. I adore Unicorns! Good luck getting any of the RIG pets though.

I never both playing with RIGs as I have terrible luck.
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No one will every convince me you told a lie.

              There is no doubt I like cats.. but I wish there were more sheep rig pets. (Yes I know they just made one, but I want moar!!!).

Moriarty was REAL!
Surely the recent Ewenicorn mean things are going in the right direction?
Hopefully we wont be getting so many cats as Chance Item pets but more unconventional animals.
I'm just waiting till we get a sloth or an anteater. What a day that would be...
Cats are awesome.
That's why.
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I loved cartier the dragon, with all the fantasy RIG's I'm surprised at the lack of dragons.
I want an iguana, an utterly adorable iguana.
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I want a cute black cat rig pet that isn't
like 40 mill.

Bogie is cute, but I'd rather have something smaller..kitten sized like Lucky. cat_emo
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I love cats?
Like super love.
I cant have more than one cat irl.. so I have TONNES of pixel ones biggrin

Basically as far as I am concerned.. Gaia cannot have too many cats
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I love them kitties, as much as anyone else. But too many! I have my all kitty love with Butter the kitten and north kitten star and titus. I just need Jet and Fantasy and I will be a happy camper. Other than that, I don't like other cats. Lucky and Milk are ugly, the halloween one is, too. Don't make me mention the cheshire cat. I want other kind of animals. I'm still waiting for a cute bear rig pet. I have at least like six rig pets and one of them is siku. Too cute and lovable. I need more doggies. Dede is on my list to must have doggies on gaia. Will get you, cute thing. <3
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I have been waiting...and waiting....and waiting...for another Ferret ninja
Although, I am fond of Cats. I would love a variety of more animals/creatures.
Cats... will rule the world.
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I like my cartier and dragon :3
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I hate cats.
gimme more puppies, Gaia. D:
or sea animals. those would be cool, too. <3

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