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I know based on my avatar, and my username,
people think I love cats.
Truth be told, to me; Dogs > Cats
Though, being "Princess Dog" wouldn't have the same effect x3

I would honestly love to see more animals.
Maybe a Fennec Fox! <3

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I'm also a cat person, so I love all these cat items that Gaia keeps pushing out in the RIGs. As much as I do like them, though, I don't want to own any of them, and I don't really care for any of the other companion pet items either.

What I really want is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I know Gaia already has one, but I really want one in the Blenheim coloring. Like this:
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And if Gaia did make it, I wouldn't want it to be a RIG pet. I'd prefer to actually be able to afford the adorable puppy. crying
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I actually love most of the rig pets but the kitten stars won me over in the end because of how adorable they look. I have the Lobo, Siku, DeDe, the new dinosaur and several others as well. I think it's one of my newest and biggest item Obsession.

My dream was Aurora and I acquired it! I'd love to quest for the black wolf and milk the cat someday but it's going to have to wait until I can afford it. (If ever!) heart
I want something unconventional in the next Chance Item. Like an anteater. emotion_dowant
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Really though I want a lab, a yellow one.

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How can you say no to that face?

...with black and brown recolors, please? ;w;

Without Alchemy. Noo Alchemy.

I'd be heartbroken if Gaia released a lab puppy as a RIG pet or through Alchemy,
honestly. Cats can have aaaall those "honors." I have no idea why people think
there should be more dog rare pets, except that... they must be pretty wealthy,
or something. >_>;

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Because, if they made a lot of rare RIG pets dogs, the title of this thread would have been "RIG Pets -- why so DOG-GY?"
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I'm all for Gaia choosing kitties as their main RIG pet squeeze. xD
Of all the popular animals, they're my favorite so I don't mind seeing them around so often.
There's something about dogs that doesn't seem as appealing when it comes to cuteness.
I just don't know if they'd go over as well as the kitties-- not with me anyway, heh...

Hamsters are underrated everywhere. It would be awesome if they were acknowledged in a RIG.
It was nice to see a ewe in the last RIG so I know Gaia still has cute ideas up its sleeves.
I'm sure we'll see more cute new types of pets in the future. User Image
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I have to admit, though I have three cats of my own irl, I'm not too fond of the cat overload on gaia. Probably because the cats don't really seem catlike... like, cats tend to have attitude. Even kittens. And the RIG cats, with few exceptions, are angelic little brainless puffballs.

I love the dinosaur, but I hope she never gets popular because then I'd never get her. lol

My dream RIG pet would probably be a lizard or a toad, though I don't see gaia pulling that off any time soon.
Maybe a bug, too. I could imagine a cutesy little bug.
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Because cats have the same basic shape, making them easier to recolor into a million variations, rather than the subtle nuances of various forms of pixel dog.
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Dickie Twinkles

Definitely. When it comes to looks and personality, dogs vary more. You know what you're getting with a cat, both IRL and online.
I own a dog IRL and I get pretty crazy about his breed, telling people how brilliant but awfully sickly they can be. Luckily, my dog is a CKCS, so one of the few Gaia has made.
Imagine as well if Gaia made a breed of dog that was banned in many countries? There would be a lot of drama. I don't think any cat breeds are banned anywhere.

I seem to recall there being a petition to have pitbulls or some other bully breeds for companions. But I have a feeling Gaia wouldn't touch that one unless it was for another mini Charity RIG like the Best Friends Forever.

Banned cat breeds? I think there is one or two. Weird wild cat crosses but they are rare. Not like dogs. sad

I'd love nothing more than a pit bull companion for my avatar. My favorite breed and I love them to bits.

Chloe the puppy resembles a pit bull well enough, at least, despite the real version being some sort of shepherd mix.
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Cats are popular pets in general. Were it the other way around with dogs, we'd be complaining after almost every rig that Gaia has too many dog items.
I love cats, but I would like gaia to put more focus on other animals. I want a super cute ferret. ^^ No, I dont like the few ferrets we already have. ._.
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I want Lobo. I want to wear the 'I am' and go hang out at Bass'ken with my wolfie friends.

Cats aren't cute.
Cats are self centered, evil, little furballs that mess in other people's gardens emotion_donotwant
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You know what I find weird? All these cat RIG pets, all so flippin' adorable...but the only one that has stayed really expensive is the least "cutesy" of them...Lucky the cat. I can understand why, he's all fabulous and haughty, but at the same time, not nearly as cute. It's just interesting to me. I'd like to see him recolored in orange tabby or white with orange spots, like my cats <3
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Himemiya Neko
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I know based on my avatar, and my username,
people think I love cats.
Truth be told, to me; Dogs > Cats
Though, being "Princess Dog" wouldn't have the same effect x3

I would honestly love to see more animals.
Maybe a Fennec Fox! <3

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You could always be princess gerbil xD
Gerbils are cute. So are hamsters. Gaia needs more hamsters.
Edit: *googles Fennec Fox* Damn, that's cute. Those are some adorable ears.
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I don't have a problem with RIG pets being mostly cats. Why? Because that leaves the other animals to be released differently. I'd rather have an adorable sheep or dog released as a common RIG drop or a Cash Shop item, than be the rare for the RIG.

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