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lol Well this thread fell on its arse, didn't it?

I echo many of the points and sentiments already expressed in this thread; searching for new RIG items in the MP is neither as simple as you tried to make it seem, nor do I find sifting through pages upon pages of results (and trying to remember if they're new or not) fun or remotely satisfying. And frankly, I don't have the time or ******** for that kind of malarky- very often my only time on Gaia spans less than 20 minutes, I don't want to waste it laboriously clicking through the mixed MP results.
I like the nicely organised list. I like the convenient click-throughs. I like being able to scope out all the new releases in under 10 minutes. I like the way these lists tend to bring out peoples' immediate reactions to the RIG items (without taking into account art and theme etc.) it makes for an interesting facet of conversation.

But then again, I neither know nor give a flying ******** about online drama and who the "prommies" are or aren't, so maybe this is just because I don't share your little vendetta. neutral
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love them as they save me a ******** of time and effort just to see if there are any items I actually want from rigs.
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I like the RIG lists, they generate activity and excitement in the GCD and also allow easy access to the new items from that RIG, while most of the time searching will give you the correct items but will often miss a few items due to it's tagging. I remember that some items in the MP don't even show up when you type their name in (e.g. "yo-yo mi" ).

I think they're useful?

edit: I also like threads like this, that generate more thought out posts as well smile
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I personally love the RIG lists! It's all set in order and all in one place with direct links to MP in case you see an item you really like, or want to take a closer look at. It's the easy way to see what kind of items there are x) Perhaps I'm lazy? When I look up the tags, I only get a few of the items, so I never know how many there really are and if they are new or older items (that I just never took notice off before).
Also, the RIG lists are centered around discussion of the RIG and the items it contains, this is why the lists are allowed in the GCD x) It inspires people to discuss!
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It's much, much easier to browse a list than the MP, especially when the RIG has a stupid name like "Game On" that isnt' really searchable and stuff is tagged poorly.

Also, then I have a place to comment about how I feel about them. If you don't want to check the RIG lists then by all means don't.
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First thing I look for. It's very convenient.


And I like to post my reaction to the rig there.
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I think that RIG lists are incredibly useful, particularly when the RIG name is made up of common terms like Game On is and it's a pain to try to find the new items on the MP by typing in the RIG name alone. Plus, I also find them useful for locating older items that I've forgotten the names of. If I can remember the RIG the item came from, I can look up the RIG list and find it pretty easily.
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It gives people something to do, LOL.

What are the RIG chances anyways, like how hard is it to get a top dollar item?
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I love those lists! New items come out and I'm checking out the GCD for item lists. So neat and organized :]
I like em.
They are handy, and have all the items conveniently listed (With a picture,too! Yaaaay pictures)
There's so much hustle and bustle when one is made, and the pages fly by. It's exciting! 4laugh
Also,it's a good place for discussion. Instead of making a million discussion threads.. everyone crowds into one place to yell at the same time.
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I definitely see their use.

I just also think they belong in guides and resources.

However! I lost this battle with Gaia! So it doesn't matter really!
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I honestly, honestly didn't know that you could search for RIG items by the RIG name until very very recently. So it's a help for people like me, certainly.

Plus they give me somewhere to shout my obnoxious opinions where most people won't even see them. That's nice.
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Not all RIG items show up instantly in the marketplace and are searchable by the RIG name. Some even now don't search correctly, so having RIG lists is very helpful.

The way they have them organized is also helpful in finding names of old items or finding which RIG something was in. Without this kind of organization, it would be a real pain to track down items if you've come back from hiatus or just don't mentally catalog all these items.
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In ages past before I became a list maker, I loved the lists. So easy to find exactly what I was looking for. Plus it was a hub to talk about everything RIG. I can go on and on about how silly I think anti-list RIG people are, but I'd rather not rant too much on the subject.

As a current RIG list maker, all I can say is that I will keep pumping out item lists as long as there are users that find them useful. That is all I care about.
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They're extremely useful as others have said above me. It's overwhelming when the RIG comes out and you can't find what you're looking for because the item isn't tagged correctly. This is an issue that Gaia has been having for a bit now.

Plus, sometimes the items don't show up right away and the RIG lists help keep track of where we are with items and how many are possibly left, especially when it comes to the sdplus dolls since people apparently like those.

So you see, they have many uses.

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