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The only reason I have what I do is because I worked my a** off for it. Guys have the same opertunity.
Excuse me ? I'm female, Rich and not a boy in disguise.Because I worked for it.
Koura Kun
Excuse me ? I'm female, Rich and not a boy in disguise.Because I worked for it.


There's really no way to verify anyone's anything on Gaia, so I don't see why it'd even be an issue whether your gender is being called into question.
Well, most of the avatars and members on Gaia are female, so you're probably just noticing that above all else.

I might look rich but I'm not. xd Most of my items are store items. 575+ items and I'm only worth a little over 4 million.

That's not rich. xd
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Females just love to go in towns and show off their richness.
They like to be admired ~
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I don't think it's because females are richer, but rather they love to flaunt their riches more than males.

If you think about it, your typical prommie male sort of has a feminine look to it.
You know they might not be girls~
I've seen several male players with rich female avatars just because the clothes are mostly better.
You know they might not be girls~
YUSS I R GUY pirate
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We are material girls and we live in a material world talk2hand

Actually, I see more male avvies with halos and such and the richest of the people I know are male.

However, I have a LOT of female friends who would be considered rich (over 30mil) but not staggeringly so.

I have virtually no boobs so no whoring out for me :XP:
It's true though, They are not all girls. gonk
Females look better in clothes, period. XD
A lot of guys use girl avatars because they can put a skirt on their avatar and not be called gay XDD
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I'm dirt poor right now.
That's odd, most rich guys I know are male.
    I know a lot of guys that are rich.
    I also know I lot of girls that are rich too.

    Again, females like to flaunt their items. :3

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