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ℳουs℩ɛ sɑɥs:

This year certainly had more that I bought and kept than some years. My favorites where the Sprite in January (I still have the other two from when they came out), Juno's Lace (so lovely though I am normally not that dressy), and the Pierrot (adorable). I love the hair from most all of the MCs. Until you posted the pics I didn't realize how many of the MCs from this year I had. They were rather exquisite this year, and very beautifully detailed.

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams."
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My favorite collectibles from this year are Juno's Lace, Antique Pierrot, Empress Cotton, Prima Poppet, Devoted Spica, Literary Luxury, and Princesse Honore. I even have three of them, which are Juno's Lace, Prima Poppet, and Princesse Honore~! biggrin
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I bought January, February, March, April, June, July, and August. This has been a very successful year for MCs, I believe.
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I really liked this year ' s MCs , it ' s like, each month getting by, they got more detailed , more interesting . Though we might have had a tad too much of over-the-top-fantasy-oriented , except for the Literature -something and Beard Science in my opinion. We have also had lots of cream and gold . I would enjoy more eye-burning colors ,sci-fi themes next year , or on the contrary , some darker and less present shades in Gaia ' s colors ...like forest green , camel , purple ...And also, while looking back , I think that we have had a lot of curly /long , precious -looking hair .I would enjoy some wilder or more punkish poses next year .
But all in all,I feel like it was an excellent year .
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these MCs actually have a lot of potential to inflate in a couple of years as opposed to the older stuff. so I'd say this year was pretty good. there were a lot of good wigs and dressy poses.

I think what really set them apart from previous years would be the inclusion of good wigs and backgrounds, and going into body mod territory.

now i wonder if gaia will do it again next year
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I thought the mc's this year were the best in a few years
I just wished i bought devoted spica and juno's lace
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The MC's this year were all absolutely lovely. It's good to see newer items, MC's especially, become so popular and pricey. It makes complaining about the "new changes" less compelling when price of older MC's are used as justification.

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I think these are probably the better MCs since 04 in terms of consistent (good) quality. I mean, while there are some items that are not my style, many of this years items are rather lovely. I am impressed, truly.
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My Favorite one was the December one ;D
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I'd say this year's MCs definitely reflected the current trends in avatars. I see lots of cream and fancy frills. However I also see that they are trying to include male avatars which is great. I actually bought 4 different MCs this year which I haven't done in a long time. I really hope they keep it up.
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I am sooooo happy with this year as a whole
When it comes to Mcs.
But, that's because I'm a girl.
But if I was a boy, I would be kind of mad.
I just feel like alot of the male items weren't as nice as the female items.
Honestly, it seemed like they wanted the female items to stand out more.

So yeah basically all the female items to me were incredible.
The male, eh, not so much.
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I liked most of them. I liked them more than the REIs too. The quality has certainly improved although I would have preferred if they didn't use the same color schemes on some of the MCs.

If I have to pic one, Djinn is definitely my favorite.
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Gotta say, this year has been AMAZING for MCs.

If a rig had come out, with all those in them, people woulda gone nuts for that rig.

There are more poses than you get with almost any rig item, there is a certainty to what you get when they open, and incredible quality. a HUGE improvement over past years.

Easily one of the top 3 years, IMHO.
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I'm gonna sum it up succinctly:

Too many leg mods. Not enough regular-a** pants.

Leg mods are nice, but we're kind of ******** inundated with them at this point. We had a grand total of ONE MC that was actual pants and not a leg mod in any way. Just one. The issue I have with leg mods is twofold. 1) They often look awful on the male base by shrinking down the legs and feet to ludicrous sizes that make us look like we'll fall over and 2) they take away mixing and matching from the waist down... when mixing and matching is the entire point of an avatar dress up forum site.

I wish so badly we could have some more pants in MCs that aren't leg mods. Those of us with male avatars have it bad enough already if we don't like pastel stockings and high-heeled shoes. Please don't restrict us further.
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    i thought we had a lot of good MCs this year. but the ones that stood out to me the most are Prima Poppet and Princesse Honore. unfortunately though, i've tried to use both but just couldn't...

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