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Morning o'GCD~ Today we will be getting the last of our Monthly Collectibles for this year, so there are things we must discuss. As a community do we approve of the direction the MCs have taken or do we yearn for the MCs of yesterday? Are we content with this year's MCs or do they leave something to be desired? Positive and constructive feedback is always welcome. I am sure HQ and the artists would be more than happy to get any pieces of inspiration or heck, what we users would want in an MC. These are just a few of the things we can discuss. Below I have supplied the full images of both male and female MCs. Please use the images below to give your opinions and your attribution to this discussion an extra oomph.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

So their you have it o'GCD. What are your thoughts and opinions on this year's Monthy Collectibles?
What were you favorites? In your opinion, which MCs were the high point and low point for the year?
Do you have a difficult time using certain poses? Do you like having body mods in MCs?

I will add December's MCs to the image section when they are released today.
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I can't complain. MCs have never been my main focus (RIGs are), but I've appreciated what we've received.
As time goes on here, we get more detailed items for MCs. That's one aspect I really love about them.
I feel like more thought is put behind each & every MC we get. They might not all be popular, but I appreciate them.
The other aspect I love is the small stories weaved into their designs. I only wish the stories could be elaborated!
It would be great to see expansions made to such pretty & detailed items...

My favorite MC this year was Antique Pierrot. <3 Everything about it was perfect: colors, theme, poses.
It was extra special to me because someone anonymously gifted me Pierrot when they found out I didn't have one.
It's so beautiful. I couldn't love it more.
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User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. I bought two MCs this year and they were both at the start, the silver pixie one and the white one for February. Love them both but have not really used them.

Most of the Mcs this year were beautifully done but are just not colors I wear...maybe today will be the day I get some sexy angelic blue items. emotion_kirakira

OH and * the second one* User Image long arm pose will forever irk me stressed . If he dropped his hands to the side they will be down to his ankles. It bothers me soooo much.
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This is the first time in some time that I did not dislike any of the MC's this year. Have not found them all fantastic,but I adore the djinn February item it was the MC I thought was the best one in at least two or three years.
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Oh man, I thought this years MCs were great! We got some really neat hair and clothes.
I think my absolute favorite would be Juno's Lace; I love that hair so much. *u *
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I hope this month's will be awesome.
I really enjoyed this gendered approach to Monthly Collectibles. It gives diversity and introduces more masculine items into the system. That being said, I've only enjoyed the collectibles from January to May. The rest haven't appealed to me. This just makes me apprehensive as to what December will hold.
Still, I'm curious to see what the new year will bring, too.
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A nice year of MC's. Indeed! biggrin
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This year was pretty impressive. Sure I didn't get all of them, but for the most part they came to be originals or counterparts with poses that had some actual use!

This year was better than the last and I hope they continue with these excellent ideas.
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My only regret... was never buying Juno's Lace...
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OP should make a poll for rating this year's MC's.
Btw, I totally want more of what we've been getting this year.
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April's was definitely my favorite.
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This year probably was the best year for MCs. The items look gorgeous and could pass as items from a RIG. Major props to our artists on staff and let's hope for more in 2013!
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Gaia definitely amped up the quality of the MC's this year. The most common trend is intricate detail, and rich color. The styles are all awesome too emotion_kirakira
The only thing that I don't really like is the happy meal gender typing, but that has happened for forever sweatdrop

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