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i dont like being a snitch
and i usually dont like people who do report
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reporting it the only way you can fight evil on gaia
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Sometimes it feels like the rules are arbitrary and very... one way.

Like threads get moved, but others of the same quality wont.
I'd wager that the reason for this being the case is that some offenses have reached a point where they have been accepted by the forum as a whole as not being wrong.

VS threads in the VGD or A/M/C forums are and have always been against the rules but they have become a part of the 'culture' of each board. As a result, very few people think that they are actually in violation of the forum rules. Depending on how new forum assistants or moderators are, they might never have known a time when these types of topics were strictly controlled.

Additionally, moderators/assistants/whoever else are only human. Many reports are likely responded to on a case by case basis and if Moderator A believes that something is okay but Moderator B interprets it differently and deletes/moves a thread neither of the two is technically 'wrong'.

It's just a natural consequence of having statute based law rather than precedent based.
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Good day GCD!

So, I had this on my mind for awhile,but can reporting still prove to be useful on Gaia?Don't get me wrong, It's good to report users or anything that might cause harm to the forum or other users.However, I notice most users who get banned for ether trying to trolling or harassment still come back with an Alt account and don't care if they get banned again. It's like you help get rid of a problem only for it to come back later. Most of the users that do this is ether to be "famous" for what they do purely attention or they just have nothing better to do and prove something.

Do you still report even if the problem might come back?

How often do you report or have you stop doing it?

Do you think Gaia should improve the report system or how they ban users?

Usually I'll report if someone is harassing in general or if someone placed their thread in the wrong forum group. Nothing personal, I'd just hate to see your thread gets so many thumbs down when it was just an honest mistake.

There's just issues with how many people can be good moderators, thus we've got a bit of a mod deficit. I understand though. It takes a lot to be a mod. It's not a job I could do.

A lot of time. A lot of patience. A lot of dealing with s**t you really never wanted to deal with in the first place.

Not to say it's not rewarding. In fact, it's had a fabulous unintended effect on my life (that s**t on a resume has gotten me a lot and made an awesome talking point for interviews, but I also did it for 4+ years), however, it's a lot of work for nothing tangible back. You're investing your spare time into something that very often becomes extremely stressful.

So yes report, but if things aren't getting done quick enough, or not to your liking it's a staff of mostly volunteers, aside from the admins that aide the mod team. That is one of the many reasons why it's not perfect.
I come in and then I realize my username would suit a mod actually. lol

It's not futile exactly but people who report for bullshit reasons tend to clog up things ( such as swearing, like what I just did. Or just being personally offended by something not ban-worthy. ) so some of the important things can be missed or not taken care of as quickly.

Besides, a friend of mine actually encountered someone who spammed CP in the forums. They PMed a mod directly and that got taken care of pretty quickly.

So really it depends on the offense. lol
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You can be banned on the new account for avoiding banning on an older account...

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