This is a reminder that item lists for new updates are permitted in the GCD. However, please keep the following in mind before making and/or participating in these threads.

  • Item list threads MUST have discussion in the first post. We realize that generally these threads can generate discussion naturally, but it is important to make it clear in that first post that these threads are still discussion oriented as a lot of non-GCDers are going to be accessing them. If there is no discussion content in your first post it can be moved by the moderators.

    Should your thread get moved for no discussion, feel free to add it and then PM that mod (or another online moderator) to see if it can be moved back. Keep in mind, however, that there is the risk another user may have already created one. So it is very important you remember to add discussion from the get go.

  • Repeat item lists can be moved by the moderators. While repeat threads for general Gaia discussion topics are normally permitted in the GCD, as these threads aren't going to vary in first post content nor in discussable content in the replies, it is at the discretion of the moderators to remove duplicates. If multiple threads were made at generally the same time, the less active thread will be moved.

  • Anyone can make item lists. Please keep in mind that while these threads are generally made by the same few people, that does not make anyone entitled to them. Please do not harass users for making them just because you would have preferred it was created by someone else. If it is a repeat thread, please just use the report system and do not post in the thread telling them there is a "better" thread elsewhere.

  • Large resource threads should still be made in Gaia Guides & Resources. The item lists for current shop/event updates are permitted because they are relevant to what is happening on Gaia at the current time. If you wish to make a larger resource/compendium please still use Gaia Guides to do so.