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Who do you think will come out victorious in the finale?

Desmona - Her nefarious plans shall come to fruition! 0.1241134751773 12.4% [ 35 ]
Annise - Good always triumphs over evil! 0.11347517730496 11.3% [ 32 ]
No one - They're both gonna diieee 0.19148936170213 19.1% [ 54 ]
Mephiste. Sneaky b*****d. 0.5709219858156 57.1% [ 161 ]
Total Votes:[ 282 ]
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Maybe Desmona will make a deal with Mephisto, kill her sister early on, and then the rest of the story will show a progression of her rising power and descent into madness. Complete with occult items and disguises and fantasy weapons and demons and dresses nowhere to be seen.


Wow this sounds like an incredible idea for an REI with equal representation of male and female gendered items and the return of a mysterious character that we would like to see more of.

It will never happen.

EDIT: Also

I find it hilarious that people are already bitching about a girly REI when the FIRST 3 POSES ARE GENDER NEUTRAL LOLWAT
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I love the grumpy face on the poses. whee
And I like bonus features of the cauldron. I was hoping for male centered REI too, but at least this one seems less cutesy than the last two. Hopefully.
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Hmm, decisions decisions...
I can either get this or Blood Rebel's Anarchy. I know I didn't use Lover's Anarchy that much and eventually sold it, but I think it was the color. However, Dark Heart looks like it could turn out very cool, but I'm on the fence due to that weird bone color. If more of it shows up I'm not buying this RIG.

Or, I could just buy something to sell on the MP and get Winston the Wiener Dog.

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Yeata Zi

You know, honestly I will never have a problem with getting more pixel cleavage, if that's what's coming from this REI emotion_dowant
I always secretly hope for more boobs.

It would be nice to have a boobs item where you didn't have to wear a corset or bra to have magnificent boobs. Like if it just gave it to you.

I would be the happiest Zi alive.

Because if there is only one thing I like more than eye patches, it's boobies.

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"Will Desmona succumb to the darkness in her heart?"

Well, looks like I shouldn't expect much usable male-poses.

If the idea of Desmona disguising herself as a man to woo her sister pans out, maybe we'll get a ridiculously chiseled muscular body mod and chest hair... emo
It looks like it could be pretty interesting.
However, I do not like super spooky, dark, creepy things and the item looks like it could head that way.
The hair looks like it could be pretty cool though (has a love of awesome Gaian hair items).
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Oh a new REI~ I wonder if they will keep this one as a dark only REI based on Desmona; if so, it could be interesting to have another one light based on her sister Annise smile

That said, anyone knows if the purple crane the guy is holding is a previously released item or a secret pose?

Oh, looks like there's a few hidden poses when you change the hands while having the chauldron biggrin
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;-; So close.
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Now that I've convinced myself that this is an Elvira item, I really want it. *rolls around* DAMN YOU BEING INCREDIBLY POOR!

It's probably for the best.
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Tidus Guado
Another girly a** REI, how many in a row is this I've lost count.

Don't know this for sure just yet. At least it isn't a dead giveaway.
I highly doubt that there will be anything that could be used for a male avatar in this REI.
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I'm looking forward to it.
Miam was rather disappointing... at least, I was able to use the eyes on my mule 8D
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Slick Southpaw
xd Hah, I actually thought of that Oz movie with the witches that was *recently* released.

Also, I am not expecting much. Look at all the money/gold I will save!

Off topic, how was the movie? I was thinking of watching Oz, but I'm not sure how good was the movie. >>;
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Yeah, I like dark fantasy stuff, but that doesn't mean it have to be gothic. I'll just get one for my collection.
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;-; So close.
It's meant to represent bone, I imagine.

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