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I have a friend who wants to quit GAIA. *Everywhere gasps are heard* Yeah I know Tragdic. Well, I wanted to give her the top 10 reasons to STAY on gaia. Post your top 10 so others can see and I can give them to her.
...hrm, reason to stay? Drats... I'm not good at that.
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I stay on Gaia because of the many people who I've met have become my friends and I like to talk to them. Corny but true.
Avvies are fun to customize, as well as houses

Avvies are fun to draw
10, housing.
9. Fishing.
8. Upcoming features.
7. NPC Storyline.
6. Customizing an avatar
5. Roleplaying
4. Guilds
3. Friends
2. Chating with people from all over the world.
1. It's Gaia! Why not stay on?
my freinds say that too. its because they cant make money. the most my frineds make is 2000. u should see their clothes.
The entire story line of Gaia, it's great
The fact is that there are over a million user accounts on gaia. Even if you take into account the inactive ones, that's still a heck of a lot. Out of that many people, it's almost impossible not to find somebody interesting that you can relate to.

Plus, also because of the size, you can acheive a certain level of annonymity when the occasion calls for it that isn't possible on other webforums.
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1. Friends
2. Chances to meet other people and get new friends
3. There's an event going on right now and she should see the end of it
4. Other events/new features coming out
5. She would miss chances to get donation/event items that she wouldn't be able to get later should she ever decide to come back

That's all I got. xp
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If you're going to post in a forum, at least do us the courtesy of trying to be intelligent. stare
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Plot twists
This forum
RP Guilds
Funny Sigs
Other people's avis
Talking with friends only via Gaia
Links (pink and otherwise)
Your avi
Emoticons. surprised ^.^~
Impossible Challenges (please an AT rater, make a thread live in CB, etc)
Gino - C'mon, look how cute he is~
Other poeple to talk geek with without looking stupid.
No matter what, no one can know it's you. ninja
I'm on Gaia for the forums. Posting, and talking to the friends that I've made. whee
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reason #1 to stay on gaia:
the best is yet to come

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