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Intellectual Codger

Which type of avatar do you prefer creating?

As for me, aside from my black/white/red "demon" avi, I prefer creating "realistic" avatars, wearing items that look like they could exist irl or in a movie.

I wish I knew why razz
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Tricky Glitch

I prefer more fantastical~ avis, to be honest. Sometimes the more realistic-looking ones can be really cool too though, if they're really unique or something. For the most part though I feel like I can be more creative when I use fantasy-ish items.
I like a bit of both! I guess a less wishy-washy answer would be "fantastical," though. (:
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I like both to be honest, but I've seen fantastical so much on here that it's not as special to me anymore.

Realistic and looking good while doing it is what I'm starting to prefer more~
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Friendly Darling

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Both; it depends on my current mood. At times I dress realistic, other times fantastical~
Both but I probably lean towards "realistic".
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Demonic Slayer

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I then to do more realistic avatars than fantastic, not taking into account the companion items I usually wear. Sometimes I do more fantastic avatars as demons or battle mages from time to time. Still my realistic avatars look like they belong on a fantasy game.
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Princess Nerd

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I mostly do cosplays or re-imaginings of existing characters ;v; (like my White Rabbit, Mad Hatters, Alice, my current Aladdin avatar, etc) or they tend to be soft-grunge or hipster avatars ;v;
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Unholy Hellraiser

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More often than not I'll go for a fantasy/unrealistic avatar. I just happen to be in one of those rare realistic moods lately.
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Diamond Diamond

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why because I like being able to imagine what my creations are like.
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Demonic Lover

I'll go with fantastical avis~
My thing is fantasy C: that and "anime" normal, I guess XD; like my current, it's something that wouldn't be too hard to see in a cartoon but not something that would fly irl. I don't know, I have a lot of cute things irl so I come to Gaia to satisfy the other needs XDDD I can't just grow wings irl and be a succubus lol, in Gaia that's quite easy~
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Tiny Punk

目をキラキラさせて 僕に語った君の将来図は

      i guess sort of both! i mean, obviously the horns and tail wouldn't really be realistic but i like more casual-looking avatar styles. at the same time i also like doing funky, fluffy and cute styles that probably could not exist in reality like ever.
      i'm not really a fan of doing stuff like knights or fairies or whatever though. :c

ただ聞いてるだけで 胸が熱くなり 泣きそうになった
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Tricky Saint

I rather like the middle way between practicality and imagination, it usually takes a little of both for me to pull it off even if the overarching theme is often fantasy or sci-fi.
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Bright Hunter

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Given that nine times out of ten, Al is wearing elf ears, a bone-white body dye and an enormous pair of fluffy, feathered wings no matter WHAT else I put on him? Yeah... I'd say he's firmly in the Fantasy camp, I think. xd
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Fluffy Puppy

Fantastical. Simply because dressing my avatar up like something I would normally would wear looks rather boring.

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