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Oh my sweet heavenly goodness, we have another REI bundle on our hands!
This bundle contains 3rd gen versions of three older REIs and a recolor!
Also, this is a unique REI Bundle... since it reveals a part of the Sainte Ciel storyline! O A O

During the final confrontation, Ciel exchanged a knowing glance with Rosamund and hid in
the shadows. Her patience was rewarded when Mephiste, convinced Ciel had abandoned her
once-beloved princess, appeared before Rosamund, a malevolent shadow with burning red
eyes... The decisive moment had come. Ciel emerged from her hiding place, her golden sword
gleaming in the eerie moonlight, and sliced the shade in two. A horrible shriek filled Mephiste's
chamber as the shapeless shadow boiled and bubbled into a cloud of smoke and fled through a broken window.

Safe at last, Ciel and Rosamund returned to the castle. No longer a simple acolyte, but a
victorious heroine, Ciel vowed to serve and protect her princess-- and the kingdom-- from that
day forward. In a joyous ceremony celebrated by the entire kingdom, Ciel and Rosamund
committed in truest love and devotion to knit their lives together as one, and to one day rule their land side by side.

Love live the Queens!

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Items Within:

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Sainte Ciel: Storge

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Checkmate 3rd Gen.

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Ravenwood Manor 3rd Gen.

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Anesidora's Woe 3rd Gen.

Discussion Points:

~> Oh come on, just discuss your little hearts out.
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I think I literally swore at this one.-lol-

I need to see the recolor before i commit to anything.
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Beloved Fatcat

That recolour.
* u *
I'm either going to love it or hate it,
but I laughed when I saw what the other EIs were.
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Heroic Bilge rat

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Do like the recolor. Time to put another item on the wishlist. That new Sainte Ciel Storge is prettyful. Yay for more questing. Woohooooo.

And love the other re-releases. I can buy another checkmate, wood and woe in lower prices. Yessers! The part of the Sainte Ciel story, was a nice surprise. Kept me on my toes. Love it. <3
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Sainte Ciel once again?

Prepare to pay a pretty penny for it. smile

Unfortunately the other EI's in the bundle are all crappy ones. emotion_zombie
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why couldn't' they have made the re-color of Ravenwood and put the Ciel lesbians as part of the bundle... i want an Agape... now this re-color is gonna make me want to spend over a mill...
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I love Storge's color scheme! Pale Gold and that Runcible Spoon dark purple! I might just have to get one even if the poses are too feminine ;_;

Oh yeah! Checkmate will also deflate emotion_dowant
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OMG. So adding the new Sainte Ciel to my wishlist. I hope it has the garments in white from Rosamund's Revenge. I'd be a bit sad if it didn't, but oh well. *is beating herself up a bit for selling her Eros.*
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this is a good bundle.
lol cos for once i don't own any of the REIs
and i still want them
so it'd actually be a good buy

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Holy ********.
I need 10 of them, stat
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O.G. Shopper

another haircut pose please <3
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Heroic Bilge rat

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There it is. Pretty blue eyes. emotion_jawdrop

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