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have you ever got a chest?

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This poll closed on March 8, 2005.
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I've only received two random events since October crying
I got 4 events the week before last 3nodding .
Demon Ninja
I got 4 events the week before last 3nodding .

*jealous glare*
Today at school I was really lucky, I hope I'm really lucky here too. wink
Has anyone else here got a random event???
..................... Um.................. So far, no random event, and....... no...... um........... oh!!! right. Um......... or answer to me question. crying stare
Apparently my lack of random events is Internet Explorer's fault. Gods, I hate this browser.
I guess some of you are the lucky ones. I'm on for hours everyday yet it takes months for my rares and I've only gotten trunks. Well, I guess that's my motivation to keep posting and reffering though the system is completely messed up anyway.
Rin Solaris
I've only received two random events since October crying
I only got one fake one so stop complaining.
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i seem to only get pink links and trunks (not that I'm complaining much) but the moment I log onto my mule acount... I get a blue box.

More proof the Event Randomizer hates me. stare
Is it my imagination or does there seem to be fewer and fewer random events? Could the reason be because the % of random events has not kept pace with increase in the Gaian population? (the same number of events, but now scattered between , say, twice as many people)
i just got two of them with in 5 mins of one another ^ ^"

i got a HiTek Gas Mask, and a Hockey Mask

this is so kool ^ ^"

congradulations...I didn't get one however...my luck is so run-down...I don't know how you guys get so many random events...I get them in a few months...

To you guys it doesn't seem like a random event, it seems like current event!
I don't think it should be called random event...It should be Rare Events like it says in the home page...

My guess is that you have to stay here for maybe a long period of time at least posting...you get a random event in my thought...I usually surf around and vote instead of posting...But when I post constantly I get a random event...that's what happens to me...but I have to stay here forever...

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