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If I have something to say to someone, I'll quote them. I'm the same way though, if you don't quote me I most likely will not see it. I don't usually go back and check a thread after I posted unless it's a really interesting one.
On another site I go onto, they don't let you know when you've been quoted and that kinda makes me mad. I could have so many people quoting me, but I post so fast that I don't want to go back and check every thread I posted in and remember the page I posted on just to find that response.

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I actually feel like it's rude to /not/ quote the person you're talking to, if you are carrying on a conversation... Like, to me, not quoting them is like disregarding their presence? idk how else to explain it.

And on the flip side I feel weird quoting well wishers and passerbyes. I don't want to annoy them with a quote notice when they were just passing through. redface
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I almost never quote people unless the thread is fast moving.
If it's a close knit group, we will all be reading all posts anyway, so quoting just seems to be a bit of a hassle.

That and in those threads, I can be holding about 4-5 different conversations and it's easier for me to use @username: than to quote each person in one post.
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I'm usually multitasking between gaia threads and my mmo threads. I'm not a supercomputer to try and recall where i've been and who i've talked to, so quoting for me is a necessity.
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If I'm just responding to a topic, I won't quote the OP unless i have multiple parts to respond to. if i'm hanging out in a thread with people I know, i may/may not quote them. like if i post right after them and i know they check the thread regularly, then i might not. if it's active and i want to reply to that specific person, then of course. if I post in a random thread i might check back on it, but if they don't quote me, i might never know they were responding to me
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I think it's really self-indulgent (is that the word?) to put that s**t in your sig.
"Quote me or I won't see you?" Isn't it a given that we're going to quote you if we're replying in a non-constant thread if we want you to see it? It seems stupid to also put yourself up on that sort of pedestal, or others below. Something about the phrasing turns me off, I guess.

I dont quote in constant threads though, like art threads or such where the community is a consistent 3-5 members unless Im showing someone a drawing.

Speaking of which.

To me, the quote button is the reply button to to a certain post. Because I'm used to a forum where it is much, much easier to read conversations between people, I hate the way these are organized.

Quoting an OP seems only necessary to me to reply to specific points, especially for giant OPs. But they already get a notice when they have replies, even without quotes.
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I just search "dakki" in forum search once a day or so if I've been posting a lot to make sure I didn't miss anything. It also helps me find idiots who post my art and whatnot for their RPs because it picks up photobucket links, too.

I quote or @reply wherever applicable. A long discussion one-to-one I'll quote. A quick comment at the end of an otherwise irrelevant to the quoted will be @-ed.

Not my problem if you can't figure out that people can respond to you without prompt.

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