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Barton Senshi

          I quote a lot and I appreciate it when I am quoted because a lot of times if it's a thread I'm not subscribed to I might not check it very much. I'll go back every once in a while but not as much as a thread I might be subscribed to. In my active guild we blank quote each other a lot. In the crew portions of the guild we use blank quotes in order to get the attention of the other crew members when something needs discussing. Otherwise, it's very easy to forget to double check the crew parts of the guild when you're busy going around discussing things or chatting with people off Gaia. Every few minutes I will refresh one of my tabs open to Gaia to see if I have any new notices or not. I may not be obsessively checking threads but after I post something I will refresh a few times to see if someone's taken notice especially when I've quoted someone else.

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Beloved Lover

User ImageI used to be in the habit of looking at my post history every so often and going back to whatever I posted to see if anything new had transpired, specifically if someone replied to me in some way.

This was good, as people don't always respond to what you said by quoting you directly. Sometimes people will refer to something you said while responding to someone else, for example.

When quote notifications first came out, I didn't like them, for this reason. I preferred to check back myself. I don't remember why, but I eventually did enable this feature. Ever since then, I've become lazy, and now I don't usually look back unless I get that notification. It's regrettable I think. ^^;
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I quote people in the forums and the guilds, since they do have good points about what they are talking about and when their opinions interest me. However, I don't like it when there's a "quote me or I won't see you" in someone's signature.
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Melodious Gekko

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I ever so rarely quote people directly. But then again, I don't care if they don't see the reply either, so swings and roundabouts I guess.
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Ah, the GCD.

Anyhoo, I quote people if I'm directly responding to them. I usually don't do it in larger discussion threads unless the person has a point I want to discuss. I mean, meh. It doesn't matter what type of forum it's in, I quote to get people's attention. If I don't think they need my attention/ don't care if they see my response, I won't. Simple as that.
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Eh, I only quote people if it's not a thread I'm usually in.
I usually hang out in my sister's threads so I don't really have to quote there. If I'm replying to someone that isn't immediately before my post then I don't quote, but if they are farther up the page/the conversation then I would quote them.

I do like when people quote me, but I am that person that checks back just in case someone replied without quoting.
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It gets confusing who your talking to then. Unless it's a roleplay.
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Oh boy...
Does it even matter about the whole 'quote' thing? It doesn't. I'm insane but I'm not the type of "I'm-insane-because-I-want-people-to-notice-me" person. I believe attention comes unexpectedly, let people quote you, don't be desperate of attention.
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I quote people only if it's necessary. It's easier to get their attention that way.

I check threads I've posted in from time to time but only if it's still active.
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I LOVE this feature! It's my favourite one to come out in years.

I despised having to switch back and forth between several threads, refreshing and checking if someone had replied yet.

I do think though maybe it has had some negative effect on discussion. I mean people just aren't going to check back without being quoted so it either ends up 'hit n runs' or a conversation between two people.
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i still check threads i don't really care
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Misaki Yatagarasu
That's a sentence I see often in signatures.
Forum hopping and not going back to check for replies is normal here.
Well, why should we, if we get notified after someone quoted us?
It's a useful feature.
I went on this topic after catching myself quoting people in other forum sites.
It starts to become a habit when I talk with people in forums.
Depending on the activity of a forum, it can be useful to quote eachother, to keep the conversation up.
But, I also see forums where only two people talk to eachother and still quote eachother.
Seems a little pointless actually xD


- Do you quote people all the time? Did it become even a 'habit'?
- Do you quote people in subscribed forums?
- Do you quote people in guilds?
- Do you return to forums you posted in, to check for replies, even if no one quoted you?

i quote cuz i quote and nobody gotta ask me why i do what i do
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I remember the time when I would have to go back to threads and/or refresh the page often to see if i got replies from going back.
Misaki Yatagarasu

It's become a serious habit for me. I find myself doing it all the time! Same thing with tumblr, I tag my friends if I want them to see something I posted. I think that quoting/ tagging people has become part of netiquette itself.

And it's really such a useful tool. I remembering having to always check back and refresh the page to see if someone replied.

It's especially helpful when you frequently roleplay via forums.
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I only quote when I reply to someone or when I'm trying to get someones attention. I'm too lazy to keep checking to see if someone replied to me. Not going to lie about that. Besides, if what they said was really that important, they would make sure I seen it..common sense.

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