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That's a sentence I see often in signatures.
Forum hopping and not going back to check for replies is normal here.
Well, why should we, if we get notified after someone quoted us?
It's a useful feature.
I went on this topic after catching myself quoting people in other forum sites.
It starts to become a habit when I talk with people in forums.
Depending on the activity of a forum, it can be useful to quote eachother, to keep the conversation up.
But, I also see forums where only two people talk to eachother and still quote eachother.
Seems a little pointless actually xD


- Do you quote people all the time? Did it become even a 'habit'?
- Do you quote people in subscribed forums?
- Do you quote people in guilds?
- Do you return to forums you posted in, to check for replies, even if no one quoted you?
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I see it more as common sense to quote someone if you want them to see what your reply was.
Sure, you can just post directly after them but a majority of people don't go stalking all their posts
to see if anyone has replied to them. However, I see it as an unspoken rule to never quote OP
because they usually look through all the posts anyways. If someone wants any sure way of
someone seeing their reply, they should quote them.
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I quote people, because it usually insures a reply from them (as most people have their notices on). Having said that, I don't usually quote people in Guilds, because I didn't think they had been updated enough to give quote notifications. If I am really interested in a topic, I will go back to read replies after I've replied, but only if I am invested in the topic and not just casually posting.
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Errr, I quote someone if I have something to address in their post relating to the topic at hand. I just don't see it further than that. Sometimes I quote in guilds to get someone's attention, but that's about it. Nothing special.
I don't quote in guilds or in subscribed forums because I would already be looking out for any replies there. Sometimes I return if no one has quoted me but it depends on the thread/which forum. If it a thread asking general questions like this one I may not return also I've said my two cents. There would be no reason to.
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The way I see it is.. if I have something to say directly to the
person who posted something, I will quote them. But if a few
users are quoting and talking about a specific thing or have
brought up a certain point, I don't really feel the need to quote
everyone. Because I find I am just adding to the discussion
that has been present for a few posts. It's not really me
specifically targeting one person to say 'yes I agree with
you blah blah blah'. It's me just putting my own two cents

Maybe I'm just weird. XD

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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Like alot of others said its just common sense, with the amount of content readily available its easy to miss something xd
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It's just common sense to quote if you aren't making a general reply to the topic at hand. I know I don't obsessively check every topic in which I've posted in case somebody has replied to me without quoting, because I've got my notifications to do that.
I had someone angrily PM me when I didn't quote her when I replied. Her thread was two or three pages long tops before a mod closed it. Surely, she had time to check 2-3 pages of replies?
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If I'm replying to someone I always quote. Sometimes
I go back and check for replies but not often. If someone
really wanted their response to what I'd said to be heard I
figure they'll have the common sense to quote, otherwise,
too bad.

It has gotten to the point that when I'm on other forums I
forget that you don't get notified and people don't always
quote you anyway so I end up getting frustrated at having
to check every thread I've posted in multiple times just
to be sure. sweatdrop
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I find quote trees really kind of irritating, albeit necessary.

I feel like if I have something to say, that it would be butting in on a conversation. I see others apologising for doing this and I really do not think an apology is necessary. It's a public forum, and with that is the publicity of our conversations.

I will always quote if I wish to gain the attention of a person, even though I will often return to threads that I'm interested in to see what others have said.

And that whole "quote me or I won't see you" suggests a post-and-run attitude towards threads.

That's fine for some forums, like the exchange, or in very fast moving forums like the Chatterbox or event forums, but in forums like the GCD, it shows that a person does not care about a thread, it's content or what others have to say. They're only interested in what they say and what others say to them, because they clearly don't return to threads to actually read them

(My issue here is with quote notification first and foremost)

Which is why I believe the GCD is a little sick at the moment. The quote notification feature, I believe, makes people too lazy to read a thread and reinforces a narcissistic nature for those prone to it.
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I quote folks when I am responding to something they said.

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    I honestly have no idea how you would get someone's attention in a thread aside from quoting them. I guess that makes me "quote only"? I check threads I posted in occasionally but I don't hold my breath.
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I need to be quoted or else I won't respond. Not for any particular reason, it's just that I don't re-check threads I post in that much.

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I'd prefer it if I were I actually quoted. I shouldn't have to go digging through people's posts (lol, like some stalkers I know of. Hi. emotion_yatta ) just to find things.

I also don't get why people address others with @ instead of quoting.

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