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          I started in 2004, I loved the layout then. Ugh I remember how crammed the front page was. I think it would be cool to see all the layouts from throughout the years, in remembrance of all the rage that was had with major change.
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It's pretty cool. 3nodding
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I've just had my Gaiaversary today. 5 years. I love the nostalgia even though I wasn't here for half of it.

I think it's a good thing! It's about Gaia's anniversary, they're quite welcome to celebrate it by a retrospective in this way! The newer users might be confused, but the whole site confuses them anyway so they might as well be wink
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What, really?

I joined in 2006. So, no, the old header is not familiar to me. But, I am familiar with the concept of a website celebrating their tenth anniversary. I don't understand; this event is not to cater to people who were there since the beginning, it's just celebrating the site and its success in general. Mixed in with Valentine's Day.

I like this header. It's cute. It wouldn't be very difficult for a newbie to find out that the header was changed to commemorate Gaia Online's tenth anniversary, and that the header traditionally changes to match events and stuff. I dunno man; I just think the idea of someone thinking that this is odd is odd itself. *shrugs*
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Magic Senshi

I joined Feb. 2005. I remember the old pink logo. It did bring back the nostalgia for me. I kinda wish I had the excitement, like I had when I first started.
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I've been here since '07, and I don't consider myself a newb. I am familiar with some Gaia history before my time.
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I'm from 06 [originally], but I like this header way more than a lot of the RIG headers.
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I joined in 2005, and I don't refer to myself as an oldbie, because the stigma was 03-04 or GTFO

But I have been here forever, I feel like.
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I'm an 05er so these were the good old times everyone referred to when I joined. Its like I finally get to be a part of those times so I love it.
I'm from 2008, so the gaia I joined was very similar to the one we see everyday now (or well, usually see)

I barely remember the differences. I just remember that gaia did in fact make changes here and there (to the header, the toolbar, the forums...) I can't remember what it used to look like specifically, honestly. I can only remember that it was fine and didn't need to be messed with emotion_zombie

I think if I was newer though, or specifically didn't know that gaia was originally called go-gaia, I'd be completely freaked out by the URL change. I could see myself not logging in out of fear of a fake site or something.
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Being a user that joined in '04-borderline '05 (when Johnny was about to jump into the Reservoir), this event brings a loooooot of good memories rushing back to me. Feels nice, bruh.
Lulu the Mainspring Lady
Sir Black Tea

-Yes, 2007 was six years ago.

-2007 was six years ago.

-2007 was six years ago.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

... I do want them to go through all the years. I feel like 'most' of us aren't 0-2 year recent-joiners, so I'm sure everyone will get some degree of nostalgia from the procession if that's the way in which they do it.

Design wise, as I mentioned in another thread, I really miss the old message and trade notifications. The oversized envelope in a speech bubble with an exclamation mark.

Exact same reaction I just had.

I joined in 2005.

When I graduated from high school.

I appreciate Gaia going through and teaching everyone else some Gaia history but damn I wish I had done more with my life since joining.

I miss the old set up quite a bit. I miss being able to find things easily and I miss not having flashing ads and bars and gifs everywhere. But oh well.
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It think it's great to see how it was like, I'm loving it!
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    I think only a handful of people now would remember this layout. I'm not an '03er, but I did joing when they were still using the chibi art style for the headers. Newer people, don't feel bad!

    I would like Gaia to update every few days with the styles of years gone by. *tear in mai eye*
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Magic Mage

Oh I unno, I don't think it's that alienating. It's kawaii as ********, after all. and maybe people who didn't join circa 2003 played Ragnarok Online in the interim, and will still get a dose of the warm fuzzies out of the header.

god knows it's making me want to play RO again, and I'm an 04 user

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