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Cress Sybellos's avatar

Nimble Explorer

It's pretty crazy. I joined mid-'05 so while I'm aware this is how the site used to look, I never personally got to experience it.

The header looks like it's supposed to be for a cutesy MMO, imo. xD
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Blessed Fairy

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I am loving the banner and logo. It's not the exact banner I remember from '04 (Gaia, I can has those too?) but maybe those will roll out tomorrow if they update them every day.

I reeeeeally wish they'd keep the old logo. Or give us an option to keep it. Even after all these years I still love it so much. I love all these bright, cute colours and images. It's what got me into Gaia when I was just a young, little thing. heart
Sand Dancer Shaka's avatar

Muscular Member

I'm more familiar with the design just after this one, but all the same I feel like it's an awesome chance to see what it was like! Like a real museum retrospective ^o^
Akiralta's avatar

Melodious Hero

I really like it, but I joined back in '04. I have to say, I miss the cheerful pink logo! It's nice for me because I'd honestly forgotten what it used to look like around here. Man, it's so much easier to navigate now.
Qyp's avatar

Manly Lunatic

Joined in early 2006... Gaia was just beginning to sprout it's first flowers then, towns and all that.
laughter7's avatar

Golden Star

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it's hilarious how ~~hip~~ this site looked in 2003 and when you look at it now it is like oh boy that really looked pretty terrible
Fire 0ak's avatar

Buggy Mage

I like the old header, it's very classic and bright. I'm hoping we get some cool stuff each day. That corsage is a really good start!
n o i r i s t's avatar

Barton Reveler

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I like the old pink logo but I always wonder if the artist forgot to add the pink dot above the tellow shade of the "i" or if that is intentional.

Um, yeah.
Catkid_neo's avatar

Magical Cat

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*reads thread title*
Hm. I'll say. *noms on Valentine's Day chocolates*

Although it's cute, I prefer the version I remember from when I first joined the site (in 2006). It looks more anime-styled than chibi and sums up the avatar community much more accurately. cat_3nodding
Halfling Heroine's avatar

Golden Champion

Although I didn't join till 2008, I am curious to see what the site looked like back when it first started. You could say I consider the banner to be part of a Gaia history lesson~
The Amazing Arya's avatar

Tiny Fairy

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While I find the old banner/layout fascinating to see... I'm glad I wasn't around then (it's far to bright for me)

I do hope they do a through the years thing, and show us all the past layouts.

(I also can't wait to see what other items we will get.... more remakes of "classic" rare items?)
I like the new change!
While this account says I just joined recently,
(which I did on this one)
I've been on gaia since December of '08.
Not quite as long as you, but
still not a "noob" entirely.

But I do think they should go through all the years
I think it'll be way better for the anniversary.
Trip back in time throughout gaias' history.
Kind of..neat?
I guess.
I don't know how to explain it..
Lazarus Larkin's avatar


The nostalgia header is actually making me sad because I loved Gaia so much more back then than I do now... sushi errors and all >.>
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Vicious Mage

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Even though I started in 06, I still really enjoy the old front page being up. I knew exactly what it was last night right when they changed it and I'll admit to getting pretty stoked about it :]
It just shows how far along our little community has come and how much it's grown. I actually really really hope they go threw each year. I think it'll make everyone feel special.
Love Walks In's avatar

Chatty Smoker

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I also thought it was odd. I did notice the header and was happy and somewhat excited about it, but it was only because I knew the people from '03/4 would be happy. I really have no feelings about the header personally. I joined in 2008, so I feel really new. I do kinda hope they go through all the years, that would be really cool and make a lot of sense, because then the newer members could feel nostalgic as well.

Though the old header and mock-up of go-gaia doesn't really bring me back any memories, it's still nice to be able to experience what Gaia used to be like. It's like a trip to the past, which I like because I've always wondered what it was like.

EDIT: Wow I used the word "like" way too many times in that last sentence. gonk

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