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I'm an '08 on this account and I'd love to go through all of gaia's history for the site with the old design. Not sure what to include, but I want them to NOT include that horrible movie for one Halloween. Do Not Want.

As for the look, I love it, despite I'm not that old and I love to see the old look of Gaia return.
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I'm from 2007 as well, so while I had a bit of a laugh and recognised what they had done, it doesn't really hit me as much as it would someone from 03/04.

It's a nice thought seeming many old users tend to look back on the Go Gaia years. A little bit of nostalgia for the older users.
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It's only temporary anyway, so no need to worry if you're not feeling it.

I think this one might stick around because they want to show users who weren't around in '04 just what it was like back then. I think from that perspective, even if you weren't around then, you can probably appreciate their goal.
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I think it would be nice if they changed the header for all of the years.
I joined in 2006 but I've totally forgotten what Gaia even looked like back then.
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yeah i know the feeling, i'll have to wait a bit to feel nostalgia
I am from 2004. My original has been forgotten and I think this one is 2005 or 2006 but yeah this is kind of nostalgic. Almost freaked out because I though I stumbled into the WayBackMachine website XD
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I joined around 2006/2007-ish also and that's when they were going all over the place with their homepage changes, so nothing really stuck. <:c Buuut since I was in the GCD for a while also, I knew all about the old layout and the way old Gaia worked (because oldies never shuddup about it omg) so seeing this is kind of special to me too! It's nice seeing how it all began.

I think it's good to pay homage to the other years of Gaia too! I feel like 2006-2007 was like, the awkward teenage stage of Gaia when they started coming out with MTV and Hollywood and what have you. But the CS came out around that time too (I think?) which spurred a whole new evolution of wonderful items~
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i never really remember something after it's gone DX like right after they changed the "My Gaia" landing page, i had no idea what the previous one looked like.


i'll drink to that
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I was sort of under the impression that the look of the header was going to change day to day to represent the years.

I joined in 2k4 (late). And I can honestly say, while there were a lot of bugs and etc on old Gaia, I feel like it had a something that new Gaia doesn't have. Maybe it's just my nostalgia kicking up, since I can't place that 'thing', but still.

Also I loved all of the old artwork for Gaia. I really miss it.
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Sir Black Tea
-How do people who weren't around for the old designs feel about the event so far?
-Do you want Gaia to go through all the years? What do you ant them to include from each year?
-What did you like about the old design/"old gaia"?
-Yes, 2007 was six years ago.

I got here in 2008, so yes, I agree that one can't be nostalgic for what one didn't experience.

I'd love for them to go through all the years. I like the art and I really wish they'd provide a backstory on all the characters in the header.
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I think the header is kinda cute. ^-^

I'd love it if Gaia had a header for each year though...it would be interesting to see the changes in the site over the years represented in header form.
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2003 here and stars damn, have I really been on this site for a decade?

But I'm not too sure about the header changing day-to-day. I mean, the daily item started at 2012, so why start the header at 2003 if you're going to change it? I figured in that case, they'd start the header and daily item on the same year and change them together.

Either way, I still hope the header doesn't change, because holy hell have I missed that beautiful pink and cream logo.
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I'm an 07'er. I'm really interested in seeing what it was like in 03-06 before I joined.
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I'd be thrilled to see every year eventually be used, I am an '06er, and although I don't have the same nostalgia, I'm enjoying getting at least a slight old school experience!
I feel you, I feel you! I joined back in '07 also, and wandering around the GCD topics, most anniversary topics are for '03 and '04 members, and I just feel awk.
But it's okay! Let them reminisce!

That would be really cool if Gaia changed the banner for each year! 3nodding

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