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Gaia was the first forum I came across that had avatars and that was what really appealed to me from the start. It brought something new to forums and giving us freedom to earn gold through our art is another thing that kept me around. It's been neat watching the art style and layouts change over the years. <3
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Being from the '04 era, it was still a bit of a startle for a split second there. But I fell in love with the bit of historical nostalgia nonetheless. I never thought I'd ever see that banner, lay-out, or url ever again.

I can see how it would completely confuse users that came to the site well after my time (and after the url change). But I think it's pretty cool that everyone gets to experience that history with us "oldbies". It's like opening a time-capsule. :3

Naturally I had to done an old-school outfit to celebrate. XD
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07 here too so I'm not getting that tingly feeling either

Although I doubt they will, it would be awesome if they did change it daily for each year.
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I was so confused by the time warp. I'm a late 2003/early 2004-er, so when everything went all retro I kind of had a mini-stroke/flashback. Was very confused.

This is an event? I feel like I'm missing something - aside from the obvious 'lol its just like 2003' design, what's going on? gonk
I think it the header is cute. I actually like it more than the other header.
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I was so confused by the time warp. I'm a late 2003/early 2004-er, so when everything went all retro I kind of had a mini-stroke/flashback. Was very confused.

This is an event? I feel like I'm missing something - aside from the obvious 'lol its just like 2003' design, what's going on? gonk

Valentine's/Anniversary Event!
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('06er) The home page is a little disorienting, but eh, it's cute.
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I'm a late 05er, and am in-between the "omg nostalgia" and "eh?" feeling, best described as having a bit of nostalgia with the header. Oh, the days where "battlesystem" was a dream, and Hammi (and others) are actually seen as mascots of the Gaia website. xD
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Beloved Foe

    The header is boring looking but honestly, ten years ago I would have been all..
    OMG lemme join dis! Because ten years ago is such a long time ago..
    everything was way different back then, obviously including my younger self.

    Then again, ten years ago I was still just shitting around on Neopets. If I
    had seen Gaia then maybe I would have joined. The world will never know.

    I'm enjoying the event so far.. I mean.. I hate when I get spammed since
    my inbox really is over 50% full most of the time. I am too lazy to delete
    some old PMs and I usually keep important or sentimental ones.. but I
    am glad I have time to enjoy the event and hopefully not get cheated out
    of an achievement because of a hurricane this time around. xp
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I pressed the Gaia logo in the header and went all whoaaaa.

I think the header itself is a good idea to commemorate Gaia's ten year mark. And as an '07er, I've always wanted to find out what Gaia looked like way back when!
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I like it. The art work is cute. I'm excited to see what it will look like tomorrow.

I'm an 07 too. I still can't believe I've been here 6 years. So strange. I never thought I'd be here so long.
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I don't think it's that odd for anyone who has been here since 07/08 as I know there was a thread in here that had pictures of the older layout archived somewhere. It's more confusing I'm sure to anyone who joined within the past 3-4 years.

I have been on this site for 8-9 years, now before I had pride in my join date and happiness in being here so long. Now it's like well wtf am I doing.

I'm not on here all that often as I used to be but still.
I used to know all the items, now I can't even keep up with the updates, Gaia has grown a bit.
I don't really think it's in it's prime though. I never even though this site would make it to 10 years....
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I wonder if by 2015 they'll use the banner they had for that year? /that's the one I started with xD
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I joined in 2009, so I never saw anything like this! @_@

I have to say, I don't particularly like this header. The art is really derpy, especially on the priest-y dude in the back. Why is he even in there....? Did gaia have some religious undertones back in the day...?

I think it would be fun if they went through different headers from the past... I think it'd be fun, if only to sort of inform me of how things used to look.
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Yeah, I don't really have any nostalgic feeling seeing the header or peoples' old style avis for that matter. I joined in 2007 also.

Though I have seen the old headers, old gaia pages and discussion of old events because super oldbies never stop talking about that stuff.

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