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hornworts's avatar

Eternal Gaian

Being someone who joined in 2007 (which I think is still regarded as a newb here although I've been here for nearly six years) this retro throwback event is, while nostalgic, odd for all of the user who didn't join in 2003/4. Sure, I guess that the Gaia newbies could appreciate the old header and logo, but I'm not feeling the same orgasmic feels that others are having about this change.

Unless, of course, each day with celebrating each year Gaia is going to change the layout to the next year in their run. Three or four days from now maybe I'll be hit with nostalgia like a ton of bricks. But the happiness about the header change also asks something: other than nostalgia, was there much appeal to 2003/4? (I don't really like this header.)


-How do people who weren't around for the old designs feel about the event so far?
-Do you want Gaia to go through all the years? What do you ant them to include from each year?
-What did you like about the old design/"old gaia"?
-Yes, 2007 was six years ago.
Well, I would think for the newer users it would be like learning about the history of Gaia; what it looked like years ago when it started. It may not look that appealing as graphics across the internet have improved majorly but it's nice to see how Gaia look before and see how far this site has come since then.
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Dapper Genius

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Sir Black Tea

-Yes, 2007 was six years ago.

-2007 was six years ago.

-2007 was six years ago.

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... I do want them to go through all the years. I feel like 'most' of us aren't 0-2 year recent-joiners, so I'm sure everyone will get some degree of nostalgia from the procession if that's the way in which they do it.

Design wise, as I mentioned in another thread, I really miss the old message and trade notifications. The oversized envelope in a speech bubble with an exclamation mark.
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Invisible Vampire

well am an 06.......I only know little about gaia history. I been busy in RL too.
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Conservative Citizen

I like the nostalgic feeling it gives. It takes you back, but makes me feel like I've spent a lot of time here. It would be nice to see them go through all the years, but it would have been cool to get to vote on what they put emphasis on earlier.
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Adored Darling

I've been a GCD reg for a good two years, and then I went to Mini Shops.
But it feels so familiar after hearing all about it and seeing the occasional nostalgic-user-posted screenie. I think this is definitely the right way to go; I wish it'd stay like this.
I love the bright, cheery logo next to the avi.
LOOOOOOOVE. classified_fu
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It's cute and people like that smile

so so cute

sooooooooooo cutteeeeee so cute


even after years and years the art is still rockin'
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Inquisitive Sage

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I don't know, I actually became more active in Gaia thanks to the 5th Anniversary bringing neatly a summary of all the events 'til that milestone. Heck, I even love the way-back feelling of this event even though I'm consider myself a 2k7er. (technically I'm a 2k6er, but it's a long and silly story)

So don't be fearing for this Nostalgia-fest alienating all the less veteran Gaians.
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queen ozmo's Husband

I'm 2004 here.
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Princess Nerd

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I was around in early 04 and I felt SO nostalgic when I saw the banner and the pink Gaia logo and the main page, it make my heart skip a beat! rfjdcmjkf kfdk

OH! Gaia going through all the years every day or two with the layouts would be cute, but I kinda want them to keep this layout till the end of the event because I dunno when I will see it again ;A; vfmd fdjfd

I HATED that old Gaia lagged, had srs botting issues, the events and DIs were NEVER on time and it crashed sooooo much. And the srs lack of different items. But I loved the old layout and the sense of adventure and it gave me RPG feels. I loved and STILL love the people. Yes, Gaia has changed. But it has changed for the better.
Bea Lavesa's avatar

Liberal Scrooge

I'm obsessively sentimental even about the past that came before me. So I feel all the feels well enough to be in an excited state, to make a subatomic analogy. But now that you mention it, I'm suddenly convinced of the backtrack-catching-up thing; I cannot imagine the layout not changing with the chocolate anymore. And the thought makes me delighted. — FAIR, INNOCENT '06, ONE LAST TIME WE SHALL REUNITE. gonk
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Shy Gaian

I also joined in 2007.
The colors are what brings back memories for me, and I do recognize a lot of the characters in the header as well. If they go back to the 2007 look, I think I will s**t bricks.
I remember what it looked like, but at the same time I don't.
Joined in 2006, can no longer remember what the header looked like, only it was dark blue at edges. I think that was also the time we had that switched avi glitch , it was quite startling to see somebody's avi in the dressing room, or when you post in the forum. lol
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Demonic Abomination

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I hope they do change the header each day, for each year that will be nice 3nodding . TBH even though I did join in 03 I barely remember much from those days.. Mind you I did join when I was a teenager so my gaia timeline has run alongside my partying timeline and there were a lot braincells killed during the last 9-10 years. x.x
Winter Hue's avatar

Formal Informer

Oh I find it really cute. Being a user that joined in late 2008, I am interested in seeing what the site was like when it first started up. So I am looking forward to this event. (Plus the item grants are really adorable so far)

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