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I was a noob once....those were DARK days....*shudder*

Come take a survey! Sweet or sour?

http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pt=1110758352&p=318354667#318354667 heart
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Hmm what is it that defines a newb...oh I know! Its that inscessant use of that damned letter that webster made into a word! Damn you..."u" for you have caused so much havok in sounding the exact same as the word you!
Noobs can't help knowing things. We were all newbies at one time. It's not nice to be so mean to them. They're confused and they think since this is an online forum that they must speak netspeak. They'll learn...some of them.
"Noobs" Are new, that's why people call them "Noobs." It shouldn't be that hard to figure out, that they need a little help. As for me i'm a "noob" I've been on Gaia for about 3 weeks, and I still have no clue whats going on, half the time. xp
Yo, that messed up. U all used to be noobs. im a noob in this game but im a pro at other things. if noobs knew wat do to do in this game, they will be just as good as u ppl.
lol we arent mindless just misunderstood and i dunt have to bug u with my questions lol my friedns a longtime user of gaia
what is an enchanted trunk?
Pandora Box
Newbs are fine. N00bs are stupid and do what you just said.

When are people going to learn there is a difference?

hear hear! (how in the world are you supposed to spell that?! is it here or hear? *is so confused*)
To the newbies that have recently been posting:

1. We have all said that there is a definite difference between a n00b and a newbie. That difference is as follows:
a. A n00b cannot seem to speak English properly.
b. A n00b seems to think that making thousands of posts with nothing more than the word "bump" in the ED is fun.
c. A n00b is a n00b. No matter how long s/he has been a member.
d. A newbie, is still attempting to learn the systemic rules
e. A newbie, while sometimes slipping, will try to post in a coherent manner.
f. A newbie can make on topic posts and will still try to learn from their experience.

2. I was never a n00b. A newbie. . . yes. For the simple fact is that everyone starts sometime. Stupidity (the staple of n00bs the world over) isn't welcomed by the general public.
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A little from column A and a little from column B... biggrin
Actually, I'm making a privet study on n00bs and the ways to get them... de-n00b-ified. This is happening because my siblings and one friend joined Gaia not long ago and they're total N00BS.
They are mindless people, not with the purpose only the purpose to annoy us, but they're mindless, there is a girl in my school who ask n00b questions
There annoying! scream
There is a difference between not understanding and not TRYING to understand. A n00b is someone who does not understand, nor TRIES to do so, and just goes on posting randomly aabout totally unrelated subject or ruining whatever it is that th non-n00bs are doing.
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stay away from n00bs man domokun

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