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Ive read it all ,and it seems like a touching subject even though ive only been here for a few days. Id have to say I agree with many points of views here in this forum. Yea I have to say I to have acted noobish in the past few days ,but ill learn from my mistakes and hope that when I do it again you'll for give me ,and anyone els who is starting out.
Well Stated my friend!
They are just really misunderstood
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The Human Teddy
Personally, I think n00bs are mindless. If they needed guidance they could ask. Most n00bs talk with CAPS and a lot of this OMFGJLHLA!!!!11!!1. So, in no way is that even close to asking for help.

personally i think some just go IERMomfg@!!!LISERJLSEIRJ@11one3onenoenelevent!!!!!!! to vent.
i know a girl in real life that is perfectly normal, and pretty smart, but acts like a total dumbass on gaia. so i don't think all of them are mindless.
How about both? They won't develop minds to speak of (or souls for that matter) without guidance.
Tahhh dahhh! We have a winner!

crying I think of myself as a noob just becuase I'm new. scream
It's likely both. 3nodding
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I think they're just idiots.
Every time we try to help the majority of them,they try to insult us or use a stupid comeback.
Some are just misguided.
Most are just stupid.
man noobs (i am 1) are just misunderstood im mean well wow theyr new to the game they will ask questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But they are not mindless scream
man if noobs are anything theyre just misunderstood ever since i started and started talking all people have talked to me about is u look like a noob and ur so newby and all this other crap wow im new to the game sorry for starting the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i might quit becuase of flippen peolple do not understanding us noobs its not our fault we just started and need to ask questions dont kill us for that comeon you were a newb once and u thought u were misunderstood trust me every one does feel misunderstood some time just give us newbs some respect like we were the best players on this game dont kill us cuz were new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! domokun scream
I support your act Japan I think nobs should be treated like were normal ppl.Is that too much too ask????? scream I mean really. Are noobs like frikin animals no.I am really poed at how ppl treat noobs!!!!We are normal frikin ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scream scream scream scream scream scream scream scream scream scream scream scream scream scream scream
Its a mix of both.
They are like.... Prepubescent gaians... they kinda blow... but will eventully mature beyond "OMG LEIK LIAM IS HAWT"
Ok. Im a newb then.

Can someone give me some hints/tips to make this more fun or just easier or anything?
they need help in know ing how to do stuff. i remember when i was a new bie and didnt know anything.
oh noobs arent all dumb.

some of them are quite smart, just that they lack social skills.

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