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Feral Girl

I pretty much want everything omg emotion_facepalm
Being greedy is suffering...
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Handsome Shounen

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Time to spend some cash. Lol. First RIG I'm actually more than happy to open.
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xhuu's Wife

Kawaii Bear

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woah I like the odds in this rig!
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Jeering Phantom

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I haven't been this excited about a cash item in a long, LONG time. Holy s**t, I think I might just shell out the money for this one.
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Magic Mage

Countdown to headless Mami cosplays
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Angelic Star

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gaia_angelleft gaia_star

I made an inhuman sound when I saw the announcement. True Madoka items. I... just... ugh.

I must have them! Can't try my luck though since I live in Canada. Must save up the gold. ;~;
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Invisible Genius

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crying I so hate the RIG items. I have horrid luck and I wish I knew where people can waste real money on these items. I save up till I know I'm sure I will never sell what I bought. NOT worth it...but I do ADORE a few of these.
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Durem Phantom

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Ultimate item is the best in the list : )
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Lucky Saint

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Must have, must have it all!
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Casrial's Wife

Divine Senshi

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I'm trying to decide if I want to open the doll boxes or not. e.e

I dunno. I might buy another 10 and go from there. xd

...I haven't even seen the show but I love these items. D: GDI GAIA WHY?

edit: Buying another 10. That makes 23 that I've opened. lmao
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Melodious Muse

*u* I'm very happy for this rig~~

And it seems that my odds are better than usual this time too which makes me even more happier.
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Married Senshi

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You know what makes it so bad/funny? I don't even watch the show. I mean I've seen people talk about it enough to know the characters and plot. BUUUUUUUUT MAAAAAAN.
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Kawaii Striker

Kitty Gnar-Gnar
Countdown to headless Mami cosplays

Pfffft we've always been doing headless Mami cosplays
Where have you been?

Haha it's funny looking at my cosplay
right next to the actual thing

I hope the arena won't be flooded with sets
but I know that's always the case sadly
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Casrial's Wife

Divine Senshi

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Fearless Fireflies
      i got kyoko sakura.
      i can't sell it though. since i just bought the gc. poop. emotion_donotwant
      does that only happen if you buy through paypal, or any method?

The blue lock?

It happens when you either buy GC for the first time or change your method of buying.

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