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Promote My Post! a Must or a bust?

I like the "Promote My Post! 0.27692307692308 27.7% [ 36 ]
Screw "Promote My Post!" 0.72307692307692 72.3% [ 94 ]
Total Votes:[ 130 ]
This poll closed on August 27, 2013.
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As I stated in similar threads..
Eh, I think it's ok, not many options, probably just want to see how its going to take off. So far its not looking good based on what I've read. Prices are a bit high, when I read the Staff Notice saying 'little' bit of Cash I was thinking 10-20GC.

If they were more customizable I can see me using them, like only Gaia related things to add in the post title. I'd probably only use it for my Alchemy Threads though because those seem to be the most popular things I've contributed to this site.

Oh, I hope they add the option to add to already existing threads.. Seems rather lame that you can't even do that.

Also I find it funny how she threw in that Xbox One stuff in there, its already been established and decided that it is not going to do every well.
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Samuel Elias Carswell
Ridley Starsmore
Kitty Gnar-Gnar
lol well I'm not going to use it, I never make threads.

100gc is hilariously overpriced either way. Maybe if, like, you could use your own images and logos to make things pretty. Even then... even then.

And who's to say it won't backfire magnificently in artshops- as in oh god look at that douchenozzle with their pimped post, they must not be that hard up for gold if they're paying for trifles like that

Or RP threads.

"You paid a dollar to promote THAT storyline?...Waste of a dollar."

Some of us want to promote said threads not so much to draw others, but to annoy the tar out of others.

I find the pursuit of irritation well worth the investment, personally.
I guess that's as good a reason as any. But I was speaking of the ones I have seen that are Mary sue'd all to Hades, cross over from twelve animes and Twilight, and each post has at least one stolen picture in it.

Not fond of those threads.
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I confess to feeling a petty aversion to promoted threads. Even if they have interesting titles that I would otherwise be inclined to check out, the fact that they're promoted makes me want to not click on them.
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100GC??? that's too much ^^'
it would be nice if you could use it in created threads.... I doubt I will use it anyway
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Carrion Kitten
I confess to feeling a petty aversion to promoted threads. Even if they have interesting titles that I would otherwise be inclined to check out, the fact that they're promoted makes me want to not click on them.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I have these feelings as well. It stems from me just not liking the idea of really good threads being put down because the original poster does not pay the GC needed to promote it.

Now that PMP has been launched, I'm still standing by what I had said previously; I do not see the point. Bumping a thread is free and threads with discussion are going to stay active on the front page no matter what. Good discussion is good discussion, after all. Like many users, I also think that the PMP banner is kind of obnoxious and gives the forums a more cluttered look. .__.;;

Although, I disagree with those who say that paying 100GC is too much to promote a thread. When the price is put in context with the GC that is spent for other Gaian services, such as 99GC Lucky Keys and zOMG items, it's not that bad. I still think that overall this feature is a waste of money, but Gaia is not trying to rip users off if they do decide to take advantage of it.
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Users are forever trying to make their thread stand out in certain forums, using whatever unicode they think looks good, polls, or capitalised text: Because everyone loves that.
Promoting threads is, as far as I'm concerned, just another way to advertise a thread. Er, which is kinda' the point, I know.

Those who want to, will, and those who don't, won't. Gaia'll rake in a few pennies from it, so it's not really a bad thing.
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If it did only cost around 10-15 GC, like a few are suggesting, there would be so many promoted posts. Imagine browsing the first page and half the posts being promoted. It wouldn't stand out any more as so many people could afford it.. :S
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Ridley Starsmore
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Ridley Starsmore

I am NEVER going to use it. emotion_donotwant

"Never say never" - justin bieber

i might try it out once just to annoy people razz

first i'll have to hand out chill pills though

Ok, I will not use it as it is.

It has the detriment of costing way too damn much and can't be used on already created thread.

The ball has been dropped, yo.

Functionality for existing threads will be added in hopefully tomorrow. Just a couple more things that needed to be tweaked with it before it could go out.

Okay, so I PMPed my glow thread. I'm unhappy about it now because the background color doesn't line up well with the thread title - probably due to the poll. Can this be fixed?

edit: seems to be better now, after I reloaded the page a few times...

Also, can we change colors? Will we have to pay again if we do?
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Gaia is just milking the money out of us.... and it is working. xd
I think it's really shitty. I thought it would be more like Reddit where your promoted thread would appear on the top of the page. In a specially designed space like google adwords. Instead it's jsut a highlighter that costs a frikin 100GC to activate. I can understand that Gaia is greedy, but at least make features that are worth the money. talk2hand
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I don't mind it one way or the other. Don't feel the need to hate on a thread that has it.

I bet more people would use it but they're afraid of hurting their e-reputation. Get a few of the popular kids doing it and the sheep will follow.

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