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t3h marth
t3h marth
so we can't edit an already existing thread? ;­(

It will be added tomorrow.


it will be a nice addition to my buying thread emotion_dowant

I was thinking about adding it to my quest thread. But I don't want people to not enter because of it.

I don't see the problem. this is just to attract people into your thread.
if you're worried about people thinking that you could have earned gold with that cash, its stupid... with 100gc you can do nothing, how much gold would be... less than 100k? confused

I would go for it.
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PMP is ugly as sin. emotion_donotwant

I'll be avoiding any and all threads using it.
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Hello there!

I say we screencaption them promoted posts and put them in a gallery!

have a nice day
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{Announcement Linkz}

Fail linking ( crying ) but info below.

Looking for a way to make a special thread stand out from the crowd? Now you can use Promote My Post to give your threads a colorful boost.

Maybe you're trying to start up a new art shop, or draw some attention to an important petition. You might be running a special contest and need more entries, or maybe you just think your personal opinion of the Xbox One is incredibly important (it is, we're sure). No matter the occasion, Promote My Post lets you trade a little Gaia Cash for some extra eyeballs.

To try it out, just click the "Promote my Post" button inside your thread. Enjoy!

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AdBlock came to my rescue again.
<3 AdBlock.
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I'm gonna have to say no to PMP, because of how much GCash it costs to make a fancy post. 100 GCash for that?! It's a waste, and I wish that PMP could have a cheaper price than that. It would be even better if it cost gold instead.
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Well if you want to really sell it let see what they are or well the haters gonna over hate this and soon they will have to scrap the project!
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Then it is all going to plan if I pull it off perfectly one version will be cream, navy and mint colored. Id use it specifically for GCD topics *twirls mustache*

Navy... yes, there is never enough navy!

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"Look at me, I have cash to waste!"

I'm sure it would come handy in some situations but in the CB?
Threads in there last about 5 minutes no longer..
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lol I actually like how they look. idk when pmp was first mentioned I thought it would be super flashy like the red dots on the front page XD but they look alright. and I don't think 100 gc is expensive, that's like $1? I wouldn't use it myself, but if people want to use them that's fine. I probably would click on the thread since they think it's good enough to spend a dollar on.
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Don't see a huge problem with it. From what I can see on the first page it's doing exactly hat it's supposed to, drawing attention to a thread. I could see maybe if every thread on the first page of a forum was using it that'd be kind of pointless XP.

I'm gonna try it out in the next event forums when I make an art freebie thread. If users wanted to avoid a thread because of it...no big loss there.

a whole dollar? oh no emotion_0A0
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I actually don't mind it, but I would never, ever, ever think of using it. Period.
I suspect that it'll be a flop, especially considering the price...
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I'll pass. This sounds so pointless anyway.
Uggh. When I see a promoted thread it turns me off. I'm more likely to ignore them, especially for art shops.
I see those threads being down-voted a lot just because of it.
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I wouldn't use it because I don't have any threads to be promoted (plus, the GC cost is a bit of a stretch), but I can see it being useful for promoting art/mini shops, neglected site feature topics in the SF, and recent hot topics.

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