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>>>: I began to use my post style back when I was active on
both my accounts to let my friends know that it was me posting.
I don't use bettergaia, but now I'm so used to typing out my post
style that I don't even think about it anymore, it happens automatically :'P
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      at the moment, my post style is just size 10.5 text and some list tags.
      i used to have a really simple grey and lilac one with a little crown at the top but it was a bit too much effort to keep using.
      i have a whole load of old post styles saved in a test thread somewhere. most are from when i was a cb'er, and a couple of them are really obnoxious.

      i don't mind them, personally. just so long as they're not chock full of gifs and pointless stuff. small pixels are actually pretty nice and can give a post a bit more personality.
      so yeah, things in moderation.
haha I used to have a blue spinning snowflake and a tiny shivaj pixel with blue lettering.
Im just to lazy to edit that and I think I look creative enough.
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I don't mind a small image or a darker colored font that is readable. I don't care for huge images though, I have tendency to adblock pictures that annoy me very liberally.

If your text is so light that I have to highlight it to read it, then you're definitely doing it wrong.

I was in a guild a long time ago that banned people for using post styles. Everyone used plain text without fonts. The banning part was pretty extreme, but hey, everything was readable without any light pink fonts running around.
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Size 11 font. That's... all I need, really.

But hey, if someone's willing to pay Cash to insert animated sparkly .gifs, stupidly enormous flobs, use pale pink or yellow or some equally difficult to read font and whatever other nonsense they want (I have seen post styles where the decorative part of the post has larger text than the actual goddamn content, wtf), then... be my guest. If you need your 400x400 flob so badly that you're willing to pay Cash for it, fantastic. Please do so. Maybe we can hire some of our old staff back with the income.
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          I mostly only post here in the GCD so I'm not too sure about how much people use post styles in any other forum... But, my guess is that if people aren't using post styles they either aren't interested in using them, or they are posting in a space such as a the CB where quick responses are necessary and they don't have time to bother with a style.

          I think when people do use post styles, they are trying to tie in a to the overall style of their avi (such as myself) or they're creating further imagery for their character. I've seen examples of post styles in the RP forums that are very thought out and an add-on to the character I think.

          So I would say it all depends on where in the forum realm of Gaia a user is posting in definitely has an effect on whether a person uses a post style or not. And whether the user likes post-styles or not, because I notice quite often they are received with negativity. But I like them! ^ ^

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    I wouldn't mind post styles if people actually thought about the readability of the things. Animated stuff? Nope. Light colored text? Nope. Tiny font? Nope. Text that blends in with the rest of your post? Nope. I feel like that should all be obvious. Somehow it's not. So I'm glad there are fewer post styles now, because it means fewer tacky unreadable messes.
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    +.♦.+ Diamond Dust +.♦.+

    I actually LOVE doing post styles, In fact, I'm using it right now.

    More than 8 years ago, I would make some remarkable post styles that has WAY too much coding and some images.

    I guess, when I showed them in the GCD... I got a PM waning saying that I shouldn't be using that post style since it was confusing the readers OR something like that. <_>

    Since that day, I have been a bit minimal about post styles so I won't have that warning again. sweatdrop

    Though, from other people's posts.... I don't know how they got away with it is still beyond me. =/

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    I use bettergaia, so my post style is always available. I tend to only use an image for rping or when gaia has those spam events. Too lazy to remove the image. Otherwise, it is centered colored text for me.

    User Image

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    Eh. Ever since I used gaia it's always been size 9 and centered.

    It just looks aesthetically pleasing to me. 3nodding
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    I have a fancy one with the font colors and a spiffy avatar art as the centerfold but I only use it if I make a thread, not when I post. 99.9% of the time when I do make a thread, I forget to use the post style so I add it in afterwards haha
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    " Target acquired. "

                »»» I use a post format. It is almost the same on the two computers I use, the only real difference is the quotes at the top and bottom. The art was drawn by me, and it is basically a quick way to identify my posts when scrolling through in a hurry.

    " Shutting down. "
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    I was going to say there has been less post styles since better gaia was turned glitchy. But reading the thread, I guess it hasn't been removed. Maybe I imagined it.

    I'm glad there has been less of it though. I hated some post styles. With tiny posts and a giant flob. Ick. Or song lyrics and gifs everywhere.
    Admittely there have been some nice ones, some I've even seen in this topic. But so many were awful.

    I was even awful once. I had a flob, but I hated how big it made the post. Also lazy. Half the time I forget to put in my little pixel doll.

    Bet lazy is the reason most people don't have a post style anymore. Although, maybe they still do outside the GCD?
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    I used to do text post styles, so all of the
    posts I made would still load pretty fast
    on slow connections. c:

    I had about 4 post styles I experimented
    with (coordinating the colors with my
    avatar) but I slowly gave up because
    1) I changed my avatar too much
    and 2) I didn't really see the point...

    I guess my post style now is to have
    a lot of spaces after a few words so my
    post looks like a poem lol idk. I prefer
    this style because I can find my post
    quickly (since very few people post
    like this) and I think having everything
    compact looks a little better. If there
    were a justify tool for posts I would
    abuse it till no end hahaha.
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    I dislike post formatting, I can't think of a single instance that a post formatting has improved my reading experience in the forums.

    I especially loath small text, or horrible colours like grey.

    I often just skip over those type of posts.

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