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So with the new PIMP system on its way, why not talk about posts?

When I first started on Gaia, users used to have super flashy posts. There were ones with their characters talking, users had face reaction ones, a giant font with obnoxious colors. Even though these post styles are still used, it seems like a lot of users don't even bother anymore. Like, if you take a thread from four or five years ago and compare the post styles to a more current thread, the current one looks blank.

So what happened? Did users get tired of setting up their posts each time? Are we finally done with that creepy giant eyed chibi art craze? Maybe everyone just got lazy? These are just some of the ideas that I can come up with.

I know for awhile people were complaining because some were so filled with crap it was hard to figure out what the actual post was about. Could that negativity have played into why not as many people create post styles anymore.

Personally, I've never had much of a post style. I don't user bettergaia or w/e its called. So I would legit have to set it up each time I made a post. Also, any attempt I have done has sucked. Compared to others I'm just not clever enough to find those song lyrics or edit avatar art in a way to make it look cool. Its kind of why I like the idea of PIMP, if there is an option that I like, I would totally hand over the GC for it (as long as its not something ridiculous like $5 or something).

I support the rally lifestyle

I guess I need to spell this out a little better. While you can talk about your own post style as an example this thread is about why as a site people no longer use them.
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Size 9 bold. That's it. That's all it is.
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I have a few post styles saved in my BetterGaia settings, but lately, I've taken to just posting normally without all the fancy borders and such. My post styles used to be like the ones you described, large avatar art image, sparkly username in glitter text. I even had a rainbow format a couple times (just not making my main post text rainbow gradient xd ). I might use my format here and there, but I've slowly toned down how obnoxious my styles used to be. whee I still like seeing the creative ones around, but I hope the size 24 neon text doesn't get popular again. >.>;
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I used to have a very simple post style, my font size was changed (slightly bigger), and had a lavender colour, and a little ♥ at the top. It was cute and me but the toolbar that I used to do it stopped being available, and I'm totally not going to copy paste that every time, that'd be crazy. I didn't care enough to find another way to do it.
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I just bold and center.

Images in posts are okay if it's like 100 x 100 pix. Other than that and you get obnoxious.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.I always tried to keep my post styles small. One picture at most. I like it when they're smaller than the length of my post (in text). Back in the day, when I was getting really into it, I would have 2 different post styles. One for "long posts" and one for "short posts".

Nowadays, if I have a short post, I just don't use any post style at all. Laziness has to do with it. Readability and just the way it looks has to do with it. Back when the GCD was big on post styles, it did get quite obnoxious and I can see how the negativity spread.

Overall though, unless your post style is text (which are the type of post style I hate the most, tbh), it's only beneficial to have one if you have a permanent avatar or character. With someone who changes avatars frequently, the post style doesn't match the avatar. And then it looks weird, to me.
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User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.I still have and adore my post style. I had the same look since 2005, with a few updates of the Shiver pixel as my style changed.

My first sprite -> I had hair! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Now as for other people post style, I love post style but some can just be obnoxious. Specifically if the art is larger than the post itself!
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if i ran gaia everyone with a post style would be banned
you have a space for a signature use it
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if i ran gaia everyone with a post style would be banned
you have a space for a signature use it

Well that would escalate quickly. xd

What is wrong with post styles?
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I do nothing. I used to do big, hotpink text. But no more.
I find pictures in posts annoying. I hate quoting people with very large OC art in their poststyle.
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I see post styles used a lot less in the GCD, but they are still actively present in other areas of Gaia. I like the small ones that have cute little .gifs and patterns, but I have to admit that I dislike the layouts when text is used in a very similar style to what's being posted. I hate having to hunt for the post content in the post.

I tried once, a long time ago, to use a post style but copying and pasting took far too long and was annoying.... I disliked having to scroll down further when I had a post style (and a signature) so I promptly stopped that xd
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It does not bother me but when some people go overboard on it and buggy.
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User Image
User Image

I like the use of pictures in a post style, I do not however like footers I find them irritating especially if they are text only (Its ugly!) oh and custom fonts ...never use custom fonts people! Most people will not be able to actually read it sad
If I could find a cute,simple image, I'd probably include it in my posts..maybe.
But for now it's size 11 font. I think it's the perfect size.

I don't mind other peoples post styles.. as long as the text isn't like cyan, lime green, or yellow.
I actually enjoy them, to see creativity in people. :3

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