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Hey there GCD, aparently we have a new RIG, and we all know what that means... new shiny items, new artwork, new characters, and a new list =P
So, help me out here. Before you open your new RIG, remember to take the time to see how it works, what option you choose, what item you got and from whom you got it, and remember to post all that <3
Please post a link to the marketplace next to the item's name, not just the name and not just the link, thank you =D

Go and check: all the back poses for wigs/skins and "I am" poses can be found in this thread. And if you are looking for info in the SD+ Collection, please visit this thread.

Please remember: that if you would like to buy, sell or trade for items from the new RIG, use the Exchange to do so.

All off-topic/spam will be reported. Go to the Hangout thread if you want to talk about anything that is not related to this RIG or its items. One of our thread members will also be giving away RIG prizes in the Hangout thread, so be sure to stop by!

-SDPlus Dolls

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SDPlus #46 Mirai
User Image
SDPlus #47 Barrett
User Image
SDPlus #158 Prince Enki
User Image
SDPlus #159 Ika
User Image
SDPlus #160 Coustou
User Image
SDPlus #161 Proteus Doll
User Image
SDPlus #162 Chowder
User Image
SDPlus #226 Cashmere Cactus


User Image
Aquarium Cathulu
User Image
User Image
User Image
Orangecicle Octopus


User Image
Coral Seafolk
User Image
Jade Seafolk
User Image
Pearlescent Seafolk

-TV, Movies, and Games

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Psychedelic Submersible
User Image
Adventures of Sailor Boy
User Image
User Image
Pirate Anchor
User Image
Deep Sea Enforcer Suit
User Image
Halcyon Cluster


User Image
Nautilus Raiment
User Image
Lil' Moby
User Image
The Love Song
User Image
Selkie Legend
User Image
Siren Song


User Image
User Image
Valhalla's Abyssal Armor
User Image
Beach Day
User Image
Naval Mine balloon
User Image
Fruits de Mer
User Image
User Image
Anemone Couture
User Image
Swirly Naruto
User Image
Dirge of the Deep

User Image

        Go Viviette!
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Been waiting for your thread XD
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I can't wait!
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speedy as always o.o"
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The Prince of Atlantis looks more like a "Princess" to me. ninja
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Can't wait! User Image
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M o m o ●C h a n

              ooh! I can't wait!~
This one looks most fascinating....

Buy her heart with gold and silver
Take your sweetheart down to the river

I'm so excited for this one!

Dash her on the paving stones
It may break your heart to break her bones
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I dunno if this'll help, but here's some artwork of the banner: http://tinypic.com/r/wb85c4/6
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I was waiting for this! ^_^

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