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Eternal Shade

I go there when there is an update to see the new styles. But it's not very often that I go without wigs and face mods. My avi base is such that at least it's not a total eyesore when I click the 'get nekkie' button.
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Princess Healer

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I haven't used shop eyes and hair in months. That's not to say that shop eyes aren't pretty because they actually are but... I love my nymph eyes and pink/white combo hair too much to change them. heart
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Smitten Warlord

I deservedly snub it because Vanessa hates red hair and makes it all a tomato soup color. razz I know better than to get excited about hair updates because they will always disappoint me with their treatment of red hair.

Shop eyes are richly colored but tend to be more large and/or pixel-heavy than I'd prefer. The warden eyes are the best for my avatar so far. Lovely and with bonus red shadow. heart
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Questionable Student

I hardly ever use anything other than shop eyes. Too expensive/too specific. sweatdrop All about the wigs though. I don't dislike shop hair, it's just wigs tend to have more character. And better coloring lately.
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In a relationship with Lucifer The Tormentor

Militant Gekko

I actually change my hair and eyes rather often, for cosplay mostly. Though when I'm not cosplaying I use wigs and eye mods.

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SchizoSpazz's Spouse

Aekea Deadeye

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I've been using the same set of eyes and hair ever since I've joined the site. Yes, you heard that right. The reason that I don't change is because since I always have simplistic avatars, I guess this hairstyle is all-around and compatible to anything this avatar could wear.
Jaffah's avatar


This is my only avatar that uses both contacts and a wig confused
Otherwise I just use shop eyes/hair
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Bashful Exhibitionist

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I like both my eyes and hairstyle but sometimes I need to equip something else that will go with a certain theme.
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Apocalyptic Gaian

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John Columbo
My base hair/eyes have remained constant for longer than I can remember. Salon Durem doesn't even show up on my radar.
When you have a look that suits you, you don't need to change.
MY EYES!!!! Is this some kind of cosmic payback for my snubbing Salon Durem all these years?! gonk
Oh, cruel fate... Quick! Somebody sacrifice something to appease the gods!!!
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Shy Dark Elf

I think the last time I made an avatar that actually showed the base hair was well over 4 months ago.
Probably more like 5 or 6..
My base eyes get seen more often, as I actually like them, and haven't really got many items that give me new eyes.
I have special eyes.

For the eyes I had when I first started on Gaia all those years ago?
Girl's Classic Eyes Blue.
I'm trying to figure out which of two hairstyles were my first choice.
But I don't remember.

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Dapper Dabbler

I can't afford most of the wigs I like, so when I get a SD style I try to incorporate it in to my outfit. This wig is hiding green curls I used for my last outfit, in fact. There really are quite a few really cute styles.
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8Bit N3ko's Wife

Fluffy Cat

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I won't lie i love the place 90% of my avis have no modded eyes so I go there for eyes alot . Now every so often I go with the hair they have decent ones emotion_dowant
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Scurvy Wench

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Too bad grombie eyes are a fixed part of the face. Face mods are the way to go for me.
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Magnetic Lunatic

I know it's the internet but it still creeps me out when Vanessa says she's operating on my eyes. Seriously, I would not let that woman anywhere near my eyeballs.

Nah but the only time I go in there is for mules. It's actually just cause I like having all my options in the same screen. That's so lazy but it really is why.
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Demonic Senshi

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I actually changed my base hair and eye (color), and keep in mind I haven't done that in YEARS. And it was to cosplay a shitty vidya character on top of that.

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