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I changed my bse hair back to the pale yellow yawn hair a few months back. I'll probably continue to keep it as that for a long time.
cause i like the colour and it is the only pale yellow hair we even have
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I haven't changed my eyes or hair since 2007, sometime after signing up. I saved up for my hair and eyes and, unless I gender bend, I'm not changing them again. I do still use outfits that show off my original eyes and hair; quite a lot of them, actually. It's just that at the moment I'm playing around with wigs and eyes.

Sometimes I do feel like maybe I should change my hair or something, as there's some rather pretty styles in there, but I kinda feel like it'll betray how much I scrimped back then just to buy my base hairstyle.
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Doting Lovergirl


            I rarely change my eye style nowadays ... I think I've changed maybe 4 times?
            Used to have kirei eyes, classic eyes, and I remember when a vast amount
            of gaia's girl population wore bright eyes. I like my chuu eyes though. I would only
            change the color to make it look more interesting. I rarely change my hair. I use a lot
            of wigs though.
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i use my original eyes, but i keep thinking i need new base hair but it's too much gold to spend when i'm questing kitties.
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I'm guilty of ignoring the salon completely. My hair is brown Curlz, which I haven't changed since 2006 when I first bought that style and my base eyes are Bright Eyes in green, which I have had since creation. Naturally though, no one ever sees my green eyes, since I always wear my Jinx doll.

      I won't be switching my default eyes anytime soon, I pretty much think the monae eyes are close to perfection.

      and as for my hair?
      well,I''ve stuck w/ the terra twist since sign up, so i'll see how long this lasts

      User Image
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The last time I changed my base eyes and hair was back in November last year, only because I switched to the female base for a while. I don't use the Salon that much on this account; I love my current default eyes and I always use wigs.
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Wicked Hoarder

I have the bald hairstyle for a few pretty neat avatars I made in the past. Since I usually wear wigs, though, I'm not in any hurry to change it. I find more versatility in the Salon eyes than most, say, doll eyes (because those get uber expensive), so I change those rather often. Eyes can really complete or add to a look!
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Shy Gaian

Although I usually use wigs and eye mods, I do keep up to date with my avatars hairs and eyes from the salon. It's something I enjoy to do when I'm bored.
I really wish we got Salon, (mostly hair) updates more often...

Though on another topic, I really do wonder how much gold I've spend in the Salon. I'm there at least every week to change something at least.

Actually, I'm sick of my current hair right now. Imma go change it.

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Prodigal Pants

I have not changed my base hair/eyes in at least 5 years. But that isn't necessarily due to covering them up with wigs and eye items all the time.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I chose the eyes because they were smug and snarky looking. They are still my favorite eyes on Gaia, and I sport them regularly.

I chose the hair after a few changes because I wanted hair that would go with the maximum number of avatars. I used the 'wish' style for almost a year, but swapped it for ducktail because the wish has the 'swoop' front that doesn't layer well with hats and headbands. Short hair was easier to layer and use more items with so I never felt the need to change for longer hair, especially since more and more wigs were released. I cover my base hair more frequently than I cover my base eyes.

I chose the lightest skintone mostly because I thought it was a neutral color that went well with many colors. I stay plain old human because, again, options. I pretty much optimized my base for being able to wear the most choices since I change avatars frequently!
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I never, ever change my hair. A lot of it is a stubborn things, like in a "Humph, Gaia won't make Vanessa sells wigs so I just will never see her again." I've been known to spend an outrageous amount of gold on wigs, but never look at the salon. (I would blow all my savings if it were a wig shop wink ) However I did look the last time I changed my avi. The colors for the salon hair is just slightly off the colors for the items I used... D:
I feel like Lady Chimes hair + Oisin Blessing eyes are more of my base than my actual base is.

Though I do love my Salon Hair, Gentle Curls. I just hate using it most of the time now because most artists seem to struggle with drawing it. That, and it sometimes layers reaaaaally weird.

For eyes my base has always been Bright eyes. They're the only store eyes that I like.
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Blessed Hunter

I don't think I've ever changed my base eyes? (Which are one of the original styles in blue.) I've had my Nano-C eyes equipped almost constantly ever since the item first evolved to that stage though. I stinkin' love these eyes! I had wanted blank eyes for years, and I love that they have depth to them instead of just being plain white.

I changed my hair....semi-recently? It's just kind of a nostalgic thing to pick out a new hairstyle at the salon because that used to be all we had! I don't change my base hair or frequently-used-wig very often at all though, because it's a pain to find styles in the shade of black that matches my tail.
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I visit that shop every time there is an update. I like to see if there's something new that I like more than what I currently have. I haven't changed since my current hairstyle was new. I use the items in my inventory to change my hair or eyes if I need to change to match a certain style.
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I don't change my eyes much, salon OR inventory eyes. Hair, though, I don't change my base hair much but I use a lot of wigs. The salon styles are nice but I dislike how washed out the colors are.

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