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That's my base under all of the mods I regularly use XD; Valentina hairstyle and Monae eyes C: I love them both to bits but they still never see the light of day x ox; they are my favorite hairstyle and set of contacts from the Salon but I still feel like wearing something else all the time DX; my favorite eyes are of the Oisin and Kanoko variety, all colors~ and my favorite hairstyles... I have waaay too many and love them all XD;;; I haven't used Salon Durem in years because I feel it's sort of a waste ;> 3> I understand the "gold sink" aspect, but I'm not going to sink my gold XD;;; sorry, with gold shop clothing I can always sell it in the marketplace, but in Salom Durem I just feel I lose that gold x 3x; I'd rather save up for a hairstyle or set of contacts I can actually sell later if I ever grow tired of them~

Come to think about it I rarely use the free mouths either XD;;; not since I got Lovely Lucie... I feel sort of snobby ux u; I swear I just like them better and I'm terribly cheap...
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I often use the cheaper hairstyles, especially some of the old bolder colours. The reds are nicer.

Until they make a really nice red colour for some of those newer styles though, I won't buy them in that colour.

I do quite like some of the other styles though!
When I frequented Gaia the option to change eye style or colour without an item (occulus magica was the first I believe) was unheard of. There were rumors about contacts that, I guess eventually got released but that was it.

I'm still used to that so I never plan on changing my eye style/colour.

I don't care enough about my hairstyle to change it. Maybe if I ever do a cosplay but that seems unlikely.
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There was a point where I was changing my hair and eyes daily.

Hey, wigs and contacts can be pricey, especially the good ones found in high-end CIs.
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I haven't used Salon Durem in years, to be honest. I don't particularly like the pixelling or color on most of the hair styles in there, mainly because I've been spoiled by all of the wigs that were released. Same goes for the eyes. :c
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I've never changed my base; hair, eyes and skin tone are the same as the day I created my account. I still like the combination reasonably well. I've got Girls Bao Blue and Girls Classic Eyes Green.

I do use a lot of wigs and eye mods, but I've never wanted to change my base. To be honest, I don't even look at the salon updates.
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My base hair/eyes have remained constant for longer than I can remember. Salon Durem doesn't even show up on my radar.
When you have a look that suits you, you don't need to change.
Tragic l2abbit
Do you find yourself ignoring Vanessa too? How often do you change your base eyes/hair?

Actually, I have never changed my eyes or hair. Yep, you're looking at the choices I made back in 2004. It's just been so long that I don't really think I'd want to change at this point.

Needless to say, I don't visit Vanessa much.
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I haven't changed my base hairstyle since February of '05. My base eyes have always been since the creation of this account.

Salon Durem does nothing for me, really. At least for this account. I'll look around and see what's available, but I never buy anything because I don't need to. My mules on the other hand change styles from time to time.
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I change my default hair when I feel I need a change.
(I feel you on the blacks not being black enough tho its killer with some avatars)
And you can really never have enough wigs.
You could own all the wigs on the site and still not have the hair you want.

As for eyes? That's a tough one.
I rarely change my default eyes unless I simply do not have an eye mod for what I want.
I just recently changed to the black dot eyes despite having three eye mods like it tho...

So I wouldn't say I ignore her, I just sorta tip toe around her shop until I can't find something better.
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Tragic l2abbit
How often do you change your base eyes/hair?

Last time I changed my base eyes/hair was probably... 2006?
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I haven't stepped inside Salon Durem except for candy on the Halloween event xd . I always wear the same eye and wig that I am currently using on all my avatars. There are special occasions in which I change the hair and eyes for 1 or 2 costumes. My mules almost never change their hair and eyes from the salon. One of them uses wigs from time to time. I like to see new hair styles, but I have yet to find one that I like to keep besides the wig I have.
I've never changed my default eyes or hairstyle on this account simply because I adore those eyes and always wear wigs.
But yeah, I don't use the salon to change my features that much anymore.
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I haven't changed my base hair since the Polly hairs came out (I think that was in 2008?!) and I bought the white one and it has been my base hair ever since.

My base eyes used to be the green basic eyes, but then I bought the green Inquisitive eyes... I don't remember exactly when I bought them though! Not right after they first came out, it took me a while to decide to change them.

I do not use salon durem often, obviously... I prefer using wigs/contacts to change my eyes and hair. UvU
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My newb style was green round eyes too but I quickly changed to guys number 2 in purple. sweatdrop

I love salon eyes! They don't come attached to awkward mouths or make up and they're so cheap. I love this style and the ones which are like Wendy's Care ones.

The idea of operating on eyes squicks me out though! gonk

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