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When I first joined up on Gaia I had this weird phase where I REFUSED to change my original hairstyle or eyes. Now it's just the eyes that I have that are original, but I always hide them under these lovely "contacts" as I put it XD

Still though, Vanessa has some good hairstyles and I show up for a cut from time to time 3nodding
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Man-Hungry Lunatic

To Whom It May Concern,

I rarely change my hair but I change my eyes ALL THE TIME.

Either to convey a certain emotion or feel for my avatar, gold shop eyes do a pretty good job!


Lady Xem 〜♪
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I never changed my base eyes or base hair.
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Versatile Lover

The SD is an awesome place! However, it's also bad because I spend too much money on hairstyles and eyes. I haven't been using Gaia regularly, but I change my hairstyle every few months. My favorite eyes are the Vivid ones; I generally just change the color whee
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I actually just bought new hair and eyes earlier today, but I usually do avoid it because I don't really like any of the hair that much but some of the eyes are pretty cool.

EDIT: The hair I have now is Cutsie Curls in dark brown and Confident eyes in pink
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I haven't found eyes that fit me better than the simple grey ones I have now.

I'm sure there are plenty of awesome ones out there, but I am far too lazy to look through all of them.
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I was poking around on my photobucket and came across old avis and was kinda amused...

Newblet - User Image

1st go-to avi - User Image

Ooh, new hair.. - User Image

one of many lolita colors i tried to rock - User Image

I won't inundated you with more but it seems I stuck to a few styles. I think before wigs and stuff, I pretty much just stuck to a few salon styles even back then.
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I always use wigs and eyemods, never do I use my default. I feel like it looks a little too new and too green? I need my wigs and eyemods to add more flare and distinction. I guess, I'm a bit of a snob -- the altercations to the default avatars kind of separate the fresh newbies from the dedicated users in my mind. I still visit Vanessa though, I like to look at a pretty default character in case I go nude. wink Every update, I make a visit to change my hair. Right now I have brown inquisitive eyes + brown prep rocker hair. My first avatar ever had red whip + green bright eyes; still think those eyes are one of the best, it took me a long time to make an upgrade and I'll probably go back to them.

Psh, poor Vanessa? You should say poor Meridith, the ginger in the bank.
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I've only changed my base eyes on two occasions. One was for a Avatar cosplay and I changed them to yellow (and then back again). The second was when they re-released the purple eyes. I had these ones when I signed up and then they changed the avatar system somehow and they went brown. I find very few eye mods attractive or work on my base. I'll only use them if i'm wearing a cosplay now-a-days.

As for my hair, I tend only to change it when they release new hair styles or if I get bored. I adore some of the wigs that are available now. I literally wore the Rosamund's revenge one to death because I liked how it smooth the colouring was. I'd dearly love to have a few more wigs, but alas, they're out of my price range.
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Tipsy Man-Lover

Every time I switch from male to female or the other way, I usually have to visit the salon. I don't often use the eyes and hair I get, but I always feel a little more comfortable with my avatars knowing that I don't have one of the funky eye shapes or badly pixelled hairstyles hiding under what I've got equipped.
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Desirable Ladykiller

I change base hair all the time, but usually not eyes
because "operating on my eyes" gives me major eye scream
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since I'm stuck for an achievement, my eyes aren't showing, but I have never changed my eyes. They are the original round green ones. My hair was the first thing I saved up to buy and I've never changed it either! I do sometimes use wigs, but I will always keep this hair!
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I actually really like my base hair. It is the big side bun in teal. It goes well with some items.

My eyes are little squinty ones in teal as well. It doesn't matter, I never take the Ciro eyes off.
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I've been guilty of avoiding Salon Durem for as long as I've been a Gaian. It's just something about having a permanent hair you can always change back to compared to something you have to pay every time for that gets me. I know it really makes no sense though as the gold shop hairs and eyes are only 1% the cost of the items.

Also I feel like although Gaia has been getting better about putting in some nice eyes and hairs, they still aren't up to par with the ones from rare items such as SDplus Thea or SDplus Majoko.
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I'm sort of weird in that I will only pick hair in one color from the salon if I ever go get it cut - sort of like it's my avatar's natural color. I'm almost never without a wig though. Contacts I will use but I kind of feel attached to my base eyes too. >_>

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