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Kawaii Strawberry

So it literately will make it poor rofl
Everything is about to inflate again.

What do people think of another gold gen on gaia to make you feel so poor and unable to afford any items.


As everyone seems to be making bad jokes on the next gen name or what it is
Please if you can add what you believe the next rig will be and it's name.
It amuses me rofl
gaia_spoons gaia_spoons gaia_spoons
Edit edit:
More spoons!
When do you think gaia is going to just ditch gold and go cash only.
Then gaia will be the most expensive MM.................... I mean Avatar website ever!

Edit edit edit:
Wow -1 come on guys lets get this to -100!
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Oh goody... /dies
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Kawaii Strawberry

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Oh goody... /dies
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I think the best part is the names are getting worse rofl
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"Make it Monsoon" will have a 5 billion top prize next month. I'll call it now.

But they're all terrible. They need to "make it stop."
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I don't want to see a Make it Twister... I think I gave them ideas. emotion_facepalm
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Another one........ i'm really not surprised.
At least I got a snort out of the first line of that annoucement, then closed the tab.

Welp, here's more inflation and making it hard as heck for peeps to get items. emotion_donotwant
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So it was Make it Rain -> Make it Hurricane -> Make it Pour..... isn't making it pour lighter than making it hurricane?
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if we replaced the marketing team with five year olds, i think gaia would do better. cause even five year olds aren't this stupid. they'd know pissing people off with generators is bad. :/ domokun stargate
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Make it pour makes me cry.

Quest items seriously seem even further out of reach unless you want to spend a lot of actual cash.
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Make it Pour?

More like "MAKE IT STOP" gonk
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      ewwww gaia please.

      so glad I bought stellar midnight before this happened.
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dat 3 billion golds is a odds insane . emotion_facepalm
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..Isn't this just overkilling it?

-Cutie Catchers
-Egg RIG
-s**t-ton of animal RIGs
-Make it Pour
Spices, shitload of wings, Stellars, Deflation bundles...

How does anyone keep up? Do people srs buy? .____________.

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