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i get them fairly regularly. say... once or twice a week?
it's a pretty decent little thing to find- i mean i usually get about 10-15k from them, so it is helpful to me.
gold for free, what's not to love?
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Kawaii Shounen

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they used to be more common, but they gave out less gold (I think it was 2k?) so now they're more of a rare event but give a lot more gold in turn
Eeeh~ They're a physical item now? That you can open? XD I remember the pink links, that were actually links that you clicked and got gold from... I haven't seen one of those in foreverrr!
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They're the most common of anything I've gotten.
I tend to never open rare event items that I get.

I think I have 11 Pink Links from the past year or so... ._____.;
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Girl-Crazy Lunatic

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I got one on my first day I (re)joined gaia, which was like 6 days ago.
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I've only gotten one pink link, I think it was about a month ago. I got 10k from mine. 3nodding
I get one every once and a while.

I think the most I've ever gotten is 10k, but I used to save them for gift backs in DTTPAYs as thank yous. Now they just sort of build up.
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I remember when the pink links were actual links. Not floating around. sweatdrop
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I just got a pink link today. xd It's funny how they float around now.

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