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King Blackwater
Ah no nonononnonnononnononno!

They need to perfect and improve all basic and core features before implementing anything new.

Well, there was no mention of this idea being put into production.

Right now its all hypothetical.
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Unforgiving Gaian

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If it is anything like Aquariums, it will fail.
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The only interesting features I could imagine with a pet system is possibly some cool minigames like teaching your pets tricks or running them through obstacles courses. Some sort of system similar to Nintendog's walk system where your pet randomly find items would also pique my interest. I can't really think of what else would be interesting about a pet system though.
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This made think of my very first hour of logging into Gaia and creating my avatar for the first time. I had just clicked the last part of the join page, and finally I had my own character. Not a minute later did I ask myself, do I have to feed my character? Will she starve??

Basically I thought that Gaiaonline was a teen and human version of neopets sweatdrop
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Loyal Gaian

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I will likely participate if it happens, but starve my pet because I don't care.

Much like my fiiiish.

I took this picture of my pup during the Easter Event for a sign contest at E-Corp.

User Image

Isn't she the best dog ever?
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Quotable Gawker

Yes. I want a monitor lizard. ninja And an equipable one would be amazing.
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Sparkling Bunny

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I'd love a virtual pet that gave you cool items for your avatar the more you took care of it emotion_kirakira
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Manly Cub

As long as I can utilize the remains of thr animal after its death to make cool items, I'm game.

More/better items for keeping your pet strong. Mmm, animal exploitation.
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❝ I like it better than the aquarium. ❞
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Unless it's an equippable multi-pose item like an Evolving Item (ie, it gains new poses as the pets grows up) or craps out gold/prizes (like Aquarium), I don't know why I would use a Pet System at all.
I don't see myself using a pet system, as I only use my aquarium for the overseer freebie >.>
If it was equippable, a bird, and I wouldn't need to buy it food, maybe...

My betta, but he's been gone for years now...
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Benevolent Mage

I think my virtual pet would leave me, like all my fishes did.
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Healing Spirit

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I honestly would LOVE a pet system...

Like my heart skipped a beat when i heard that, gaia wouldn't turn into neopets, our pet system would be better! emotion_omnomnom

I want a pet Murlop emotion_kirakira
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Sparkling Sleuth

I dunnoooooooo... it really depends. I was never dragged into Neopets, so I don't know if I'd like it. I suppose I wonder what he point of it would be? If you could, say, get new items from them, then I'd totally be interested. Otherwise, eh...
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Summer event! I am hoping one of the new games they are testing will be a pet system. And if people don't like it then they won't forward production on it. But i'm sure people will like it. people have been asking for pets for a long time.


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