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Internet vs playing with dolls

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This poll closed on March 7, 2005.
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bump for the internet (when it decides to work)
wow so many people have voted yet few have voice there opinion
what is
Man...ur making my gaia experience a bit embarrasing...nah jokes lol
this is a random thought yes i know but ...hey random thoughts are abundant so ... i say have fun with it.
bump for the bored and lonely
er... i like to burn dollies!
I was saying that this was like playing dolls a while a go to my friend. I like it because my dad made me give up playing with dolls or even collecting them for display.
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Yep. That's why I like Gaia. I don't play with dolls anymore but Gaia is like the same thing. I love being able to dress my avatar up, and best of all, it's fun for any age, and for both girls and boys. Oh yeah and also IRL I do have this little room thing with little furniture, walls, and windows that you can rearrange and stuff, not exactly a doll house, although I did put some of my old dolls in it. Gaia housing reminds me a lot of it.
YES! Finally there are people who understant what i'm talking about! xd

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