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i sort of lurk for a while, then ease into posting more frequently. i try and be nice and polite, and respectful too. i don't just bowl up into a forum and be like "hey look at me i'm fabulous, now bow down peasants!"

the cb, definitely. it's really hard to assimilate into their community. i used to only ever post there, and could name most of the regs there, but it's such a fast-moving forum, and those considered to be regs change constantly, so it's pretty intimidating. also like 80% of the people that post there are pretty... immature. which i guess is rich coming from me (i'm sixteen) but then i've always gotten along better with people older than me. (also just out of curiosity i went back there for a peek, it's just as random as i remember, only all the names have changed...)

i lurked here a lot before finally working up the courage to post some stuff. i tried to get a feel for how to act, what sort of stuff was popular here, and such before i posted anything. and i don't think even now i've made any topics here haha.

i consider people to be regs when i can recognise their names, when i see them a lot, and in a lot of different topics, and when i can recognise their avatars, or post styles. obviously posting a lot is another thing too, but yeah. i'd not consider myself a reg here, but i do come here a lot, and i post here a fair bit when i'm in the mood. i'm comfortable posting here, it's a nice atmosphere. i've noticed the average age here is higher than in placed like the gd and the cb. i'm definitely part of a minority here, haha!

also gosh wall of text. that's one of my habits, typing too much u v u ;;
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The only Forum I don't feel comfortable posting in is The GD.
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I always felt welcome in GCD-- even from my first posts. I consider this my home forum for the most part.

I enjoy posting in SF but I also think they're a little more difficult to "assimilate" to. smile
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User ImageI don't worry about it too much. Every forum has posts from people who aren't regulars there. I'll just blend in with them, I suppose. But really, even here in the GCD, I see people I don't recognize. I don't automatically shun them for it. They have just as much right to post here as anyone. I expect other people to be civil like that too, and if they are not, then that's their problem. :3

Then again, I wonder if I would still feel that way if I were not a GCDer. In the real world, some people are citizens of their hometown; they know all about what goes on in their one small corner. Others may be citizens of a particular country; they follow all the national issues. Still others are citizens of the world.

The GCD by its nature is a place where people discuss the site and all its parts. So GCDers may tend to be regulars of Gaia rather than just regulars of a particular forum.
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I have my forums where I post more or less regular.
Well, right now this contains only the GCD and whenever there's a Event, the Event Forum ^^

Sometimes I feel like spamming nonsense, so I post a bit in the CB emotion_awesome

The other forums, well, they don't really attract me that much.

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