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I don't feel like a regular anywhere, so I just come and go on the different forums as I please.
There's no need to stress or worry about what you have to say, it'll most likely be forgotten soon after it's read. I know just the words to make people feel special,I know :3
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Even though I've been here for 2 years, I still find myself invisible when it comes to forums. It's as if I can't fit in anywhere.
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I'm a bit shy about posting in new places. But I'm new to Gaia in general, so every place is a new one cat_redface That said, it's much easier to reply to a thread than to start a new one; that way you just have to stay on topic. I wouldn't dare start a new thread in GCD right now, since I still don't have a good grasp on what is appropriate for this forum. Chatterbox, on the other hand, was very easy to post in because it was obviously a spamming forum where pretty much anything goes (entertaining to visit now and then; not where I'd like to make my forum home).

Gaia's forums are huge, so I'm still exploring ...
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Sifen Yamishi
Even though I've been here for 2 years, I still find myself invisible when it comes to forums. It's as if I can't fit in anywhere.

I'm kind of in the same position right now. I've been on Gaia for almost six years now and I currently don't seem to fit in anywhere. I used to post a lot when I first joined but now I have slowed down a lot. So recently I have been testing different forums out to see if I can find a new niche. Don't worry, everyone fits in somewhere so I am sure you will find someplace to fit in, it just takes time sometimes.

When I approach unfamiliar, and sometimes familiar forums I am always a little bit intimidated at first to post, I can be a little shy at times. I will lurk as long as I feel it is needed to understand how the community works before I post. I remember when I first came to GCD 4 years ago. I lurked here an entire year before I felt comfortable posting. I still don't post much here. But, that is mostly because I don't post if I don't have something to say or I don't have an opinion. The only threads here I am really intimidated to post in still are plot threads, which is ironically the whole reason I came to GCD in the first place. I don't think I will ever post enough to consider myself a regular here, but I do think I come here enough to consider myself a regular lurker. Take that as you will. smile
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I remember feeling quite nervous to post in the word games forum, but no, now they are actually the nicest people I've ever met, and I love it there now.
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This seems to be one of the two forums the admins hold in higher regard. Plus the people are very approachable. 3nodding
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I lurk. I have pretty well always lurked for the entirety of my ten-year tenure on this site. (Good gracious, has it been that long?) Events tend to bring me out of hiding and I try some casual RP for the occasions, but when it comes to the day-to-day? I lurk. Given my forever-quests of ludicrously expensive items, I should be posting more to rack up the gold. I still lurk; it's just an impulse I can't seem to overcome.

Most of it, especially here in GCD, is simply that other people say the things I want to say and generally phrase them more clearly. Or I simply have no opinion to contribute.

I'd probably be all over the RP forums if I could stomach them long enough to find something I'd enjoy.
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I used to feel intimidated posting anywhere during my first few months on Gaia and every time I get quoted I would get that "who-have-I-inadvertently-offended" feeling..most especially after posting in Lifestyle Discussion, GCD and Life Issues. I don't consider myself a regular anywhere really and I don't know which forum is difficult to approach, but for me I feel most comfortable with the Gaia aquarium crowd.

Being fairly new here, I guess I would see anybody whose username posts in most if not all of the topics as a regular.
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Lurk lurk lurk lurk.

I lurk until I find out if the forum is welcoming in a p***y-way or welcoming in a brotherly-abuse kind of way, then I craft a persona to fit in.
In a lot of my MMOs I end up being brutish and "rough" to become friends with everyone easier. A lot of MMO gals get jealous easily if you're girlier/nicer/any trait they're not-er than them, so I go boyish to get their friendships as well as the guys.

A new forum I just started posting in is for harvest moon, and Im diving in with a guest account first, so if I mishap, I can don a new name before I sign up for good.
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I can't say I've ever really hesitated to post in forums outside my regular area. The only thing that fuels my lurking is general disinterest in topics, I suppose. xD
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I tend to stay away from CB and gd. I have a few threads I go to in CB that have mature people.
I feel intimidated by all of the forums! sweatdrop
I usually hop around until there's some topics that I actually have something to say.
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Mollehhh. Just post anywhere.
You're awesome.

But uh, idk i just post anywhere i want. I used to be all "well no i cant post there cause ......". The easiest place to post and stuff is the CB. People are all "OMG THE CB, EWWWWW" but srsly, it's not bad. the people aren't awful, the conversation is good and it is like the prude cousin on the GD.

When i first started posting in the GCD it was under another name, only like 10 people even know that account and they'll nevar tell anyone :3

I never really felt like a "reg" nor do i now, though someone told me they considered me so, which i thought was sweet. I was quite flattered and even now i am blushing. but i just consider the GCD one of my main haunts, you know?
I never aim to be popular on the internet :3
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Every forum at times can be intimidating for me to post it. In real life, I have trouble talking to people, so it's ever worse on the internet. People think, "WTF? It should be easier, no one knows you, it's somewhat anon, you won't meet any of these people!" but I often find myself being self conscious about it. In real life, I don't spark up conversations and are very introverted unless I know you, but after I know you are very extroverted. It's all a politeness thing. Some people have very strong feeling about subjects, and I can be very blunt at times, which people may find offensive, so I tend to hold my tongue until others reveal more about themselves. It's not as hard to post here, since I feel like I know a lot of the regulars from lurking, but you people can be very intimidating with such blunt answers, or not liking a subject, and some have even gone so far to say to GTFO if they don't like what you're saying. I just fear rejection in general, but have few friends because of that. It doesn't bother me since a lot of people in real life tend to be morons, and I just can't deal with that...
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emotion_bigheart I'm an LD and MLP forum regular. I've been a regular of MLP since it was created and a member of LD since 2009. I recently began posting in Heaven and here more frequently.

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