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I don't think people should feel intimidated to post in a forum. As long as your post conforms to the forum's rules there is nothing to worry about.
There are always going to be posts that people agree and disagree with but I see that as part of the nature of forums and kindling for further discussion.
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i just post anywhere if i have something on-topic to say. sweatdrop i became FA for art discussion and started randomly posting in there when i'm moving threads even though i had never used that forum before. sometimes i'm just really bored and decide to go look around forums i don't usually go to.
i've been posting occasionally in GCD for years and still wouldn't consider myself a regular (mainly because i feel like everyone has a forum they 'belong to' and mine is mini shops. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ME GCD).

there are forums i'd be hesitant to post in without really thinking about what i'm submitting though. (ie. LI, ED)
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For me, I feel establishing myself as Meep has helped me to do other things... Such play off of mules I have cat_wink

So, as far as other forums are the concern, I find it is easier to learn about them by wandering in with a mule and, at other times, having Meep play off of my mules (Works great in the Exchange! cat_mrgreen )

But, all in all, as long as you stick to what you believe, follow the ToS, and don't respond to obvious attempts by others to troll you, well, you'll be fine wherever you post cat_3nodding
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I'm kinda intimidated by a new forum because i don't like posting a topic without knowing said forum rules. That and I get scared that one false post gets me eaten alive by the regs. Then again, I haven't created a topic in almost 2 years from feb.
I'm only really comfortable posting in the GCD and A/M/C.
The other forums are alien and scary.
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When I first started Gaia, it took me a while to want to post in the forums. I prefered to lurk and see what everyone else was doing, to avoid posting wrong. For example, to avoid posting a topic that was one line long in a forum that usually had really long opening posts. When I first started posting in Gaia forums, I chose the GCD because it seemed the most approachable. I don't consider myself a regular yet. Perhaps I need to post a bit more. I would probably still lurk in the old forums before attempting to post, except maybe CB, which doesn't seem to have that many rules when it comes to posting.

Although with a couple of the new forums, like Heaven and the Lolita fashion subforum, I didn't really bother lurking and was ok with just posting. Possibly because they didn't have any particular etiquette yet, being so new. Although I do remember being too worried to make topics in Heaven, because the rules about what could and couldn't be posted seemed a bit vague.
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I recently went to a forum that I've never been in before... I don't remember what it even was but it does feel weird posting in a foreign place. The only reason I feel weird is because those aren't usually active. So when I post I don't want all recent post shown to be my name which is like five of them. It just feels weird to me.
I don't really care if users haven't seen me before though, I'll respect what they have there though which I can usually tell how they are by the way they post and what they post.

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I never really give it much thought...I just kinda post where ever I want.

I'm a 300 pound gorilla of the internet, 4laugh
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If I see a topic that sparks my interest, I post in it. I generally don't give much thought to the forum I'm in at the time. I have my regular spots that I go to every day, here in the GCD, SF and the Gaming forums specifically, but I never really found it difficult to post elsewhere with but one exception...the GD. I've posted about in there a handful of times in my Gaian life...generally it's a thread a friend has pointed out to me. I just genuinely don't like it there.
When I first started Gaia, I made my first post in the Welcome forum and then promptly scurried off to the Guilds. I didn't really start exploring the forums until a few months after I started and I found the GCD and here I stayed.
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Usually in order to assimilate into an unknown forum I lurk first before posting. that way I can try and see what kind of users hang out and I guess what the forum attitude is.

The only forum that I find it difficult to approach is the GD, because its so horrible in there. I will never,ever go into that forum, too many rule breaking thread with people who don’t care.
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I mostly don't post unless I see a topic/post that piques my interest.
Been a Gaian since 2006, and barely made more than 250 posts...

Only recently started posting in GCD. The Gaia storyline is one of the major draws to the site for me, and I like hearing peoples thoughts on how it will unfold, possible hints from past mangas, or just plain overspeculation...

Just have to say though, things like the Apocalypsmas event with people just bumping for energy really puts me off the forums...

But, I'm a shy guy by nature. The more I post, the more I'll come out of my shell.
I just hope I don't go full-troll... Please feel free to smack me on the nose if I start rambling inanely... sweatdrop
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i guess im a more social gaian, because i just post and well, most places are pretty accommodating if youre new but you act polite

i dont really care too much about my internet image so i guess it doesnt matter either way 8D
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♥ ♥

I normally don't post much elsewhere.
It's just that other areas don't have anything of my interest to talk
about. I tend to stick in the GCD. I think the first time I came here
was to look at a RIG item list. Since then I stayed and lurked and
occasionally posted.

When I look at the other areas of the forums here.. I do lurk in some
places like the AT. I may post once in a blue moon. I browse SF too.
And as bad as I am, I do go to the Q&A and laugh at some people..
LOL. It's entertaining, I'm sorry. Especially when it's a long thread
and there's a ton of stupidity going on. I just find it funny rofl

But anything else I really don't care for.. I once went into the music
forum and saw a thread on a band I love. But I should know better
than to expect any sort of sane, normal conversation about music
on here. It was just a crazed fan and then a ton of bitchy "I have
the right to post here and say the band sux cuz i live in muricaaa
and have da right to do anything i want lololol" comments. Posting
anything logical and wanting a good discussion about something
like music or even more important things.. I just don't bother to do
on Gaia. At least not on the forums. I see no reason to subject
myself to stupid teenagers who think they know everything and
are so hip for acting like shitheads. I have enough to deal with
in real life.

So I guess you could say that when I did try to post elsewhere
it left a bad taste in my mouth and would rather associate with
interesting people who can actually discuss things and be civil.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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Usually I just dive in...but into topics I feel comfortable posting in :3

For me, making topics always seems to backfire. Especially if it's in a forum where no one knows my sense of humor...or they're just stupid.

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