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Philosophizing Cat

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- Why do you hit the ignore button?

Number one reason is, sadly, Neo-Nazism... Seriously, I have ignored so many Neo-Nazis on Gaia that I just ended up leaving the Politics forum to never look back... Made me realize just how messed up the ED really is cat_xp

- Do you think people ignore people for petty reasons?

Generally, no, but... Then again... A lot Gaians in Heaven have this tendency when it comes to things like not liking the art of a certain RIG on the grounds that it isn't your tastes cat_rolleyes (Yes, some Heaven dwelling Gaian added me to their ignore list simply because I thought the Underland RIG art was, well, sub par... cat_lol )...

- Have you ever ignored someone for something you think might have been a little silly?

Probably, but I usually go through my ignore list every so often (about once a season) to reconfirm why the people on the list are even, well, on the list... I often find that I either stop ignoring several people or I realize its been awhile since I've added anyone (one of the perks of the GCD, I suppose, is hardly find the need to ignore others... cat_3nodding )...

- Have you ever been ignored?

Yup cat_3nodding

- If so for what reason?

Let's see... Telling others that Black People are Human, Women deserve Rights, I'm Gay, Neo-Nazism is Wrong, Pragmatism is how children do philosophy, there is no Yaoi on Gaia, Zodiacal is piece of overpriced/inaccurate/overrated shite, PETA is awesome, etc, etc... Yup, I'm probably on a lot of people's ignore list... I think... cat_rolleyes

- What do you think about the concept of white/black lists?

Part of me thinks its Racist (White = Good, Black = Bad... Hrm... cat_confused ) and the other part of me thinks its (hetero)Sexist in a Yin Yang sense (White = Masculine, dominant, Good, Black = Feminine, submissive, bad... Ugh... cat_stare ). Too be fair, I really like only one Liszt cat_lol

- Anything else you want to add?

Vampires. Eating. Cheese. Hot. Dang. cat_burning_eyes
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Aged Gearhead

My ignore list is fairly large. I just put my 151st person on there today. She had a super large and obnoxious post style. Yeah, I know it's rather petty but hey I got tired of scrolling past it in the CB. I've tossed people on there for posting the same gif. over and over again, dumb user names, constantly asking for donations and spamming in the flash areas. I've got a low tolerance for bullshit like that.

I know I'm on a few ignore lists. Mainly for messing up invisibility achievements and at least once for having a creepy signature. Doesn't really bother me. I don't know any of the people who did it.
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Ruthless Businesswoman

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lol I was ignored by someone from here a while ago because they thought I was someone's mule. I don't even remember what gave them the idea.

I only ignore people when I'm in Towns, Virtual Hollywood and Rally and I'm unable to follow the person I'm chatting with's dialogue. I just take them off when I leave, no need to keep them on there.

After that, my ignore list is 3x as empty as my friends list.
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Barton Champion

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I think I only used it once since my 6ish years here, and it was on this guy that was being super creepy. sweatdrop
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Benevolent Vampire

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I have all of one person on my ignore list. The guy tried to scam me out of my a.scarf; lied to another user about his sexuality when cyber-dating was involved; was always sucking up to people for free art, items, gold; and creates drama to alienate/ostracize the target if the person doesn't fall for it. I'm not the only person who has ended up sticking him on their ignore list at some point.

Really I cannot be bothered ignoring people over stupid petty things. I report post styles and signatures that give me migraines, report people that give me scam PMs, and roleplay hungry vampire time when people send me begging PMs.
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High-functioning Scrooge

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- Why do you hit the ignore button?
>Usually if I'm being harassed or begged repeatedly even though I've continually said no.

- Do you think people ignore people for petty reasons?
>I'd like to think not. I have yet to ignore someone unless they really get on my nerves for the reasons stated previously, and so far I've yet to see anyone else blocking people for petty reasons. Blocking people for font color/post formats/usernames is stupid. If I don't like something I'm looking at, I usually adblock it. Much more effective, and it doesn't harm anyone else's feelings. The block feature should only be used in extreme cases to avoid stalking/harassing.

- Have you ever ignored someone for something you think might have been a little silly?
>Nope. I haven't used the ignore button that often, now that I think about it. I'm pretty lenient.

- Have you ever been ignored?
>I don't know. I don't believe so, but since we don't get notifications saying we've been blocked, it's hard to say.

- If so for what reason?

- What do you think about the concept of white/black lists?
>In trading, blacklists are sometimes needed. They help you avoid scammers and people who don't do things fairly. I've never been much of a fan of whitelists, they're sort of silly in my opinion.

- Anything else you want to add?
>Not particularly.
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Questionable Humorist

Bet I'm on a lot of peoples ignore list. Cause, yknow, spamming in Gold Beach is fun. emotion_awesome

Unless I seriously don't like you or you've done/said something that has seriously offended me, I don't use the ignore button.
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Most of the people on my ignore list
are just random trolls I didn't feel like dealing with emotion_drool
Other than that, I'm pretty tolerant and usually don't use it.
Plus my attitude towards someone can change like the tide.
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Versatile Man-Lover

The only time I've ever used that button was way back when I was an a*****e roleplayer and blocked my 1x1 partners if I was too much of a p***y to reply or say I got tired.

Recently I actually unblocked everyone, telling myself that I've grown out of that and that I need to apologize eventually. Nowadays I'm the one getting dropped because I write too much or reply way too quickly. Karma IS a b***h.
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      Here's some more light pink post toast emotion_bigheart
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I've never ignored a single person in my eight years on Gaia.
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Friendly Pumpkin

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I can't say I've ever hit the ignore button. Ever. Nobody's pursued an argument with me beyond bounds, thankfully. I suppose cray cray stalking warrants it, and of course harassment does as well. 'Sides that I can't think of a big reason.
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*Waves at BC.* <3

I haven't "ignored" anyone in years. o 3o
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Dangerous Loiterer

    The only time I use ignore is when somebody's spamming inappropriate pictures all over. I don't
    feel right using it any other time.

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Beloved Nerd

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I honestly don't care about the reasons to which people ignore other people.
I personally ignore users when they bug me, or I don't like their personality. Some people may say that I won't get far in life because I just block out people from my life that I don't like but...It's just the internet :/ There are many people on the internet (or I guess Gaia) and I don't care if I block those people out of my life.

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