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do you procrastinate too much?

yes! (it's a bad habit, i know) 0.78378378378378 78.4% [ 29 ]
nope! (are you even human?) 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
on some things... 0.16216216216216 16.2% [ 6 ]
your mom procrastinates too much 0.054054054054054 5.4% [ 2 ]
Total Votes:[ 37 ]
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IRL Traveler

Hehe I'm lazy about so many things on here..I agree with the inventory arranging the most. Followed by acquiring items, posting regularly, and moving items to here from my old account (super slow process btw).

I try not to care too much, since it's just a hobby at the end of it all xp
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Benevolent Cutesmasher

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What do you put off doing most on gaia? in real life?

On Gaia? ah probably ....nothing really I don't have any priorities on Gaia unless its to save for a new item. I'n RL I foten have to put of project (Not because I'm lazy) only because I have to much work and have to prioritise.

Is there anything you hate doing so much you just put it off and put it off and it just gets worse?

Aquariums I guess, I had to give up on maintaining it eventually.

We really need a new inventory arranger, don't we?

Yes, yes we do. I'd perfer my equipped items would be kept separate fron not equipped, favorites and oh when in Dress Up I would love it if it un-highlighted an item you just took of (Before save).
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Witty Risk-Taker

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Fenghuang feathers. I've been telling myself, "I'll get one of each color." I've said this for years. Literally, years. No matter how low/high the price goes and I can afford it easily, I just always say to myself, "Eh, I'll get it later."

As for my inventory, I organize once a week. I put everything in color order. Pinks with pinks, blues with blues, greens with greens. Items that have two colors in the same amount, like black/red or black/yellow, go into their own subgroup of black/red or black/yellow. It makes finding items crazy easy.
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Kawaii Nerd

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Buying items, to some extent. Unless it's extremely reasonable (Like under 20k reasonable) and I really want it, I always tell myself that I'll buy it later and then promptly forget to ever look at it again.

But my worst procrastination is on my sig art... I used to update it for every holiday, but I've gotten super crazy lazy. lol I probably haven't updated this sig art in at least a year... though that's partly due to it being my favorite so far. But I really should make some more, since I really love drawing Minion and he doesn't take too long to color.

I'm just too lazy to actually walk to the scanner and scan stuff in. X'D
emi desu's avatar

Kawaii Slayer

I just finished reorganizing my invo - I tend to do it once a month depending on how much I buy that month. Lately I've been buy-crazy (the anniversary had me changing avi themes so much!) so it's good to have it organized again!

I organize my stuff in the arranger, by item type, then color/theme - here's a preview haha.
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I've been putting off buying items for my dream avatar/selling for profit, but I'm finally getting there today since I'm sick and have nothing better to do. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Lavish Lunatic

Nope, I don't really procrastinate on gaia. There's nothing much I have to, but don't like to do on here. Because really, if I don't like it and I don't have to do it, then why do it?'
On gaia, I only do what I like.

Procrastination only happens to me IRL. xd
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Dangerous Darling

I've been procrastinating over my profile forever. I keep telling myself that I'll make it really pretty, do my own avatar art or commission someone to make my profile relevant to my character. Maybe even learn some fancy coding. But nope, I made a temporary background that's lasted around two years, and I'm still too lazy to change it. I change the avatar art I've been gifted from the page occasionally, but that's about it.
Dizziesed's avatar

Lily-livered Lover

I don't bother with inventory organizing. I never have, and never plan to. So I guess I can't say I put it off - that would require at least some degree of intent/desire to complete said task. I figure... organizing by how old stuff is (for the most part) is fine.

But also, it would get messy fast. Something I try to do regularly (but put off) is going through and listing items I can do without in the marketplace - I have a system, I just don't do it regularly enough to actually clean my inventory much. I also put of going through and selling back to Gaia what I know I won't bother putting on the MP. If I do either of those activities, all of the organizing I might have done would be useless.

Also, I put off other side activities on Gaia - getting rid of my huge pile of tokens in cards, farming for some ingredients in zOMG, little activities like that.
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Obsessive Vampire

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I organize my inventory after each major event~

As for things I put off.. I dunno. I kinda wanted to have a joint art shop one day, but I'm not very extroverted and haven't worked up the the willpower to make a thread for recruits.
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Cluttered Kitten

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On Gaia, I put off selling items I don't use in my inventory. I always feel relieved after I do it, but it's time consuming.
In real life, I put off big projects I had planned to tackle for important things... like my business. sweatdrop
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Girl-Crazy Man-Lover

For the longest time, I never sold or donated anything from my inventory (only sold stuff through the MP or trade because I was worried that selling from my inventory might grab the wrong item as there was a store sellback issue around 2005 that trashed a couple people's expensive items). It and my storage were a mess of items collected since 2004 (including DC items).

It's taken almost three months but I've nearly gotten most of the chaff out of my inventory proper and I'm waiting for another donation event to go after the mess still left in my storage.
T y l e n o l.'s avatar

Saint Sweetheart

I ran a mini shop over the summer but quickly got bored of it because it was way more work than fun. Maybe I'll make it a freebie shop and just let people take what they like.

Then I was gonna make pixel dolls like the one in my sig for gold but there's no way I'm taking less than 100k a doll and I doubt I'll get that lol I can't command prices that'll make the work worth my time so I just sit in a weird limbo putting all sorts of things off :v
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Precious Cleric

      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. I've been putting off organizing my inventory for like years now.
      But last Saturday, I finally got around to doing it and I just finished!
      Now on to my next agenda! Actually try to make an active Art Shop. xwx;

      IRL, I like to put off projects for my classes til last minute.
      I just don't get good inspirations and ideas til like crunch time. D:User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Scholarly Storyteller

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making a game based on my comic characters (that sort of got nut punched by WIX not allowing you to embed their stuff anymore) and drawing gaia a short gino x meili fanart comic for Going Postal. one day one day...
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Unholy Mage

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I don't really procrastinate on Gaia, but mainly because this is my procrastination tool. sweatdrop

Totally putting off going to the gym right now...

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